? I do have one dragon. It started with a photo of a gnarled tree taken at Craters of the Moon, in Idaho. Then I realized there was a dragon in there!

Photographs from the flight to Idaho this summer - to see the eclipse. These were over Nebraska, and Wyoming

It was only after I downloaded this photo to my pc, that I noticed the little fellow on the tip of the leaf. What is that?

This was at Sun and Fun 2015. I was in the viewing stands next to the taxiway. We had to duck as the wing passed over us.

On the Royal Clipper - a 5! masted sailing ship, in the Mediterranean, in Summer 2016. The ship was so stable - and the sea so calm, that a 15 sec exposure looking straight up from the deck was possible. The result is a view of the milky way behind masts, yards, sails, and lines of the main mast.


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