i want to give some love to the folks behind hyperallergic (www.hyperallergic.com).

creating art is a sacred act. so is witnessing art. and the folks at hyperallergic are masters at witnessing. 💙

you have the foresight to be on an app like Mastodon. you're an innovator.

Decentralized social media (i'm looking at you, ! 👀😉), DeFi, De-many things will appear in the future. Changes are already happening. Let's be ready. ✨

to this acrylic painting I made for my art portfolio, to apply to a master's program in art therapy.

I didn't get in (it wasn't my time to); but I'm open to applying again. I love art & I love counseling / psychology. 💚

for someone like myself who struggles to finish a project, making art definitely helps me with follow through, with finishing what i start. ✨

these are my experiments with watercolor: plants + fruit and a night sky with stars.

if life is a piece of art that you make, some people spend their entire lives making art that someone else demanded them to create.

this happens because you want to fill an unconscious need, and it often comes with a lingering sense of unease.

remember that you are free, in every way.

it's time to discard the idea that making is worthwhile only if you're talented. this belief hinders so many insightful artists from sharing their self-expression with the world.

if you're reading this & have even a hint of interest in art: i hope you share your vision.

tfw you know all your activities and your life is on point. alignment.

connects to a lot of spiritual topics:

- mythology
- the vibes (vibrations) of the 7 visible light colors (rainbows)
- the colors of our chakras (energy centers).
- manifestation (transforming a vision into physical form like a painting or drawing)

hi there! i'm evelyn, and i'm super excited to join this mastodon community :)

i uplift people and contribute to their personal development through my passion for visual art, psychology, and education. that's what i'm here on Earth to do.

i support mastodon, because it's decentralized and no institution can censor it: huge for social change movements.

if you're a polyglot: bonjour, je m'appelle evelyne et je suis une étudiante de la langue française. 안녕하세요, 저는 김예리라고 해요!


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