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thinking about the zine i wrote a couple years ago about being newly trans, newly an artist, newly a game dev starting out in the world

it's called JUST FUCK ME UP and i have extremely strong feelings about it:

"Loss of Innocence Redux"
I really wanted to do this one in a physical medium, and I'm so glad I waited and did it with gouache (mixed w watercolor) I'm fricken proud of myself.

Image contains subtle toplessness of a young mermaid

"Rain in an Empty House"
Pages 10- 12

That's the whole thing!

"Rain in an Empty House"

I uh, meant to start posting this sooner, but I was trying to find a better way to post it than one page at a time. Here's page one/ the front cover. (Tomorrow will be 2-5, then 6-9, then 10-12. sorry for the confusing-ness but it was designed for print) you can check my instagram to get ahead if you'd like.

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So! I have a short comic called "Ham's Day" about a hammerhead shark named Hamuel who eats whatever he finds. Enjoy!

Nsfw ish: very subtle mermaid toplessness Show more

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"I Feel Like Fire" pages 5-8
If you'd like me to print these, go vote in the poll on my instagram story!

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