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Anne-Eris @eris

possible cover.

I'm thinking about using something more colorful, but I'm really not sure.

Might be a case of wanting to use the "prettiest" photo instead of the most appropriate.

the logo design is a reference to a movie with a similar name

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also, I'm not even entirely sure if a darker cover actually _is_ more suitable for the musick either.

I really like how the shadows from their hair falls over their faces

@eris I agree. The shadows in the second one work really well.

@eris I like it a lot. (Partially cuz the font is so Sisters of Mercy and I'm a cliche)

@OsirisSaline thank you, it's what I'm going with... the more colorful ones I tried out didn't really work

@eris :D the contrast really lets the lighter colours stand out, the darkness in the center & title above it just *works* so well :)