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I don't want to release a new album less than two weeks after my last one.

but I've already started on a new one so...

came up with a better title for new album.

"Indestructible And Flawlessly Lacerated With Our Backs Against God"

hmmm, album art maybe

cw featureless doll breasts

let's see, 3 out of 10 songs feature Miku... should I use her on the cover or another doll.

like they already pretty much ruined the impact of the last song with that crap.

I rendered an instrumental version of "Cuter Now"... hmmm

"Pure Creatures ..." and "Ladybugs Fold ..." work really well.

I would probably need to remaster it completely to avoid bandcamp fucking it up with their auto normalization of mp3 files if I want to put it up though.

need to fix some clipping on a track on "Hope Rage Transition" before I can release it but it's too hot to do anything.

I should probably wait a bit before releasing it anyway.

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8:30 tonight
cowley club brighton

distrokid sets prices after how many songs an album has...

so "Procession" with 4 songs and a running time of 50 minutes will cost about half as much as "I Am A Shining Ribbon, A Moon's Breath Parting Oceans" which has 7 songs and a running time of 9 minutes.

I could set my own prices if I upgraded but I won't do that.

it'll have to go under "alternative" on the streaming services because they are crap at genres ๐Ÿ˜…

oh right.. I should put Procession on the itunes and shit

Check it out on bandcamp though, ambient industrial soundscapes

In less than a week I have managed to record two of the best industrial tracks I've ever done. ๐Ÿ’ƒ

started on another industrial song, but it seems like I'm back to Sad Doom And Gloom so I guess my angry album is finished

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You can go and listen to my Netlabel Day 2018 ambient horror track on Free Music Archive now:

For higher quality, there's always Bandcamp:


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effects chain for guitar

as someone who's made industrial musick for a very long time it's fucking ridiculous I haven't gotten an electric guitar until quite recently ๐Ÿ˜…

seems so obvious now but I've actually never thought about it lol

I really like running the guitar through a vocoder or auto tuner and just concentrate on rhythm... I have very bad rhythm but still.

"Goody Evangelical"

might be the last song I record for this album, we'll see tomorrow.

industrial, might be a bit uncomfortable to listen to?