@alisa oh it's just a regular cylinder, the texture just makes it look like a tube.

@erbmaster I'm about the... conjuction (?) form, not about the texture %)

@alisa Sorry! I thought you meant the tube effect.
The way I made the bend was to start with a cylinder and extrude the top face 3 times.
Then from the side view I drag selected the vertices and moved them manually to form the bend. (I did it by eye which is why my mesh is messy, but you can also probably use a temporary rotated plane as reference if you want the vertices to end up in organized rows.)
Once that's done you can continue extruding in the new direction and make even more bends!

@erbmaster Yes, I asked about it. Thank you so much for the explanation! :blobaww: Just wish you a happy day for it!

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