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Hi everyone.

I make and and .

My artistic styles revolve around dystopian futures, sarcastic deconstruction of hypercapitalism, digital surveillance, genderfucking, the right to (total) privacy, anarchist thought, free software, cryptography and hacking.

I make electronic noises and glitched imagery. I like and

I might lurk for a while. I'm an asocial and pretty much closeted queer nb. But happy to try to engage with mastodon & .art community.

enjoying Autechre.
obvious choice.
"1 1 is" from their album "Exai" (2013)


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If vaporwave is the doomed Japanese businessman roaming the halls of the virtual plaza with a vacant grin on his wrinkling face, Show more

"McNihil has had his eyes specially treated to show the world as a black-and-white movie, altering his perception of people and objects around him so they fit into the aesthetic"

(Noir, K.W. Jeter)


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those little unix tools...
so nifty...
like.. ssh has so many options...
configure it using ~/.ssh/config
and then sshfs and other little tools...

and so much documentation online. skill sharing, recipes, and more.

a beautiful software ecosystem.

for everyone.
and anyone.

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*sees a puddle of glitch data flickering interestingly*


*dips paw into glitch data*

mew!!! it is wet :< i do not like the wet

*runs away from mean puddle, leaving small glitch pawprints*

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the cybre now Show more

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Hello! I'm Jessica, a concept artist who love colours and composition. I hope my pieces make you want to explore!

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RT @m_m_campbell@twitter.com: It’s math.

It’s art.

It’s Fourier transform.


#mathematics #SciArt via @jagarikin@twitter.com

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...aaaaand as I'm reading an interview with Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey (Art), I'm realising I credited only the writer and not the artist(s)...


Discovered this amazing comic book in the local bookshop called INJECTION written by Warren Ellis. It's dark, and I particularly like the mix of mythological/paranormal and technology in a kind of futuristic way.

Feels very close to me.

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