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Hi everyone.

I make and and .

My artistic styles revolve around dystopian futures, sarcastic deconstruction of hypercapitalism, digital surveillance, genderfucking, the right to (total) privacy, anarchist thought, free software, cryptography and hacking.

I make electronic noises and glitched imagery. I like and

I might lurk for a while. I'm an asocial and pretty much closeted queer nb. But happy to try to engage with mastodon & .art community.

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These limited edition hand-folded beauties are now hand-numbered and available for you. With a poem by @dogtrax and designed by amazing Stella Ivšek aka VJ 5237


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In two days I'm releasing an EP I was working on last two months.

As always it will be a free :cc_cc: licenced digital download and a hand-made and numbered limited edition of 50 CDRs.

I'm in the finishing stages of the music video possible via CC-BY :cc_cc: :cc_by: licence.

It's also a release, which means my listeners can support me and are in the credits of the video.

Now is a good time to become my patron.

"The glitch systems are cybernetic virus analogs, self-replicating and voracious. They mutate constantly, in unison, subverting and absorbing Chrome's defenses."


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As I sit here at the console of my fediverse node. I am moved by the thought that this is exactly what I always wanted the internet to be.

Maybe we are remaking it.

Maybe this really is our own masterwork.

We are the Fediverse.

We are free.

We are made whole.

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just so you know,
I'm still mourning
the end
Orphan Black TV series!

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can you point me to dark illustrators on the fediverse?

can you point me to dark illustrators on the fediverse?

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"Style Is an Algorithm: No one is original anymore, not even you."

This is a wild, bright piece about fashion, style, and taste in the age of algorithms racked.com/2018/4/17/17219166/

It was interesting to read in the context of Mastodon's choices re: algorithms and decentralization

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Quick Guide to Creative Commons Show more

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Why Techno, politics (3/5) Show more

I want to be hacking 24/7 with my fingernails done all black instead of waiting for k to grow up so I can go and waste myself. Oh well. Another sysadmin worknight. Hope to do some hacking tmrw.

enjoying Autechre.
obvious choice.
"1 1 is" from their album "Exai" (2013)


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If vaporwave is the doomed Japanese businessman roaming the halls of the virtual plaza with a vacant grin on his wrinkling face, Show more