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Enoch Balthasar @enochbalthasar@mastodon.art

Listening to the quiet murmur of air through a whirling fan.

"I heard people used to build their identity around their vehicle."
"Why? So expensive to maintain, always breaking down."
"Yeah. Just rent a body if you need to be corporeal."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

Deep profundity, an illusion of all I'm not. Scatological hilarity, superficiality, banality; virtues in the cybot that is me. Dreams and vizionz not mine disconnected in the viral haze, days passing into minutes, colours a myriad, out of phase. Awareness without spontaneity, knowledge without creativity, personhood without humanity.

Album of "Powergrid" by the wonderful PowerCyan. Yet another journey for cheap thrills at .


Colin Baker is back on TV here as ! Answered prayer for an aging !

I love hats and compared to this one, fezes are just plain. lol

Stuart has since vanished from his place. A sad emptiness infuses the lonely alley where he lived.

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Recently saw Colin Baker for the first time as the 6th Doctor. He was very different to previous incarnations. He quickly grew on me for the few serials I saw.

are amazing in their assurance of their place above their pet humans. Love them!

Bliss: hearing my purr in the shadows of the night. A salve for my own of the dark is to know she is so happy in it.

Big welcome to the new fedizens here! Thanks for adding your presence to .art! Great to see so many new people jump in!

"Self-Portrait of an Insomniac"

The only time I'll use myself as a model.

We will be upgrading our server because the amazing influx of artists. We will be back up hopefully very soon (<10-30 min max from now).

A lot of the new spammy - like follows now seem to be getting internal server errors. :-)

Reading "The Indus" by Andrew Robinson. It's , but it's full of photos of cool that is simple yet beautifully inspiring. I really like the statues. The "Dancing Girl" (photo not mine of course!) is strangely pretty.

Internally venting in my own darkness; a cooler sounding way to say I've had a crap day. Cheered up a lot by the posts here from some cool people and artists.