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Tarot design for a Warriors of Light deck. Raih'a's is XII. The Hanged Man!

Happy new year for 2018! May it be kinder to us all.

A quiet wish for the end of the year - let the boys have the soft ending they deserve.

Another drawing of my Keeper boy because what else do I do with my life nowadays.

This was an old WIP that I wanted to finish before the new year.

I can't resist the urge to draw my boy every once in a while...

Reworked the design from a previous toot(???) so that I could better tie the set in together and also make them more unique.

Preliminary work for next year's Washi Tape sets. Would appreciate any opinions! It's hard to design original washi tape that I think will appeal to people. ;A;

Oh, I forgot to put Matt up here too! But here he is with Lotor to round out the set!

And one last entry to finish the month!!! I'm so glad to be free!!!!


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