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Hello! This is my take to ! I'm 2D&3D artist from northern Europe, and my all eternal love lies with video games. I do a lot of fanart, but I've been sporting more originals lately as well!

I’ve had this picture in my wip folder for over half a year I think, but I finally managed to finish this after all this time. Anyhow, hopefully you like!

Over all the years and the hundreds of playhours I’ve spend with BL2, I think I’ve never had a full party of the original 4 but now when playing the new DLC finally had the impossible done. Anyhow, good summer time to yall!

I rarely do characters in 3D as it isn’t really my jam (unless we’re talking abt monsters or robots, then HELLYEA) but today I decided to sculpt one of my shadowrunners. Dunno if I ever finish this but this is how far I got this time

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