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You can find me on artstation, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr all under the name @emmikatjohnson !

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Hey, do y'all have any suggestions for sites to host (is that the right word?) comics? My friend and I have no idea what's hip and popular anymore.

She was gonna post stuff on smackjeeves but I'm pretty sure that's almost a thing of the past? I remember there was a really sketchy thing that happened with one big site, but I don't even remember which it was.

HEY! It's been awhile, but I've been working on these new Halloweener sticker sheets available on my gumroad!

Hope you've all been okay! I've missed you!

*cries in I'm not a character designer and my boss doesn't know how to ask for what he wants from a design*

I really love the visible mending movement. I thought it would apply well to a Frankenstein’s monster girl, but she needs a name! Any suggestions?

Bigfoot update! After this one I was told to go in a new more changes to come!

I gotta watch Jellystone. Everything I'm seeing on twitter looks delightful in a way that makes me want to scream.

I'va had a Dan vs itch. I used to be super into it!

(You can tell that I haven't drawn people hands in a long time...only bear paws and bee...hands....for work).

Audio by tiktokuser

If anyone saw that patron vimeo that I accidentally made're welcome. 👀

Did you like it?

Here's a rejected bigfoot design. :c

I was given a photo of a puppy for reference and then told it looked too much like a werewolf???


*turns in bigfoot design for approval*

Critique: make him cuter. Like this: *sends me a picture of MY puppy*

Sir, do you want a bigfoot or a poodle?

I actually finished this before I evacuated from a fire last month...but I’m home now and life’s getting back to normal so I figured I’d post it!

It's on display in the you know where?

A little update: I was evacuated from my home last week due to wildfires in my area. My critters and I are safe and sound, but I've unpublished physical items on my gumroad and I am refunding Patreon pledges this month to focus on other things.

Hope you're all well. 💖

I'm getting a new computer, but the current one froze in the middle of a project that's got a deadline this week. 😬😬😬

Not sure how recently it's saved...

I still have a lot of merch from that one time I did a con, and while I did take product photos, I never posted them online and I think I may do a reshoot today but make it ✨fun✨.

I've been really busy but Mystic Springs got new jars so I made new labels!

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