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You can find me on artstation, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr all under the name @emmikatjohnson !

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Hey, do y'all have any suggestions for sites to host (is that the right word?) comics? My friend and I have no idea what's hip and popular anymore.

She was gonna post stuff on smackjeeves but I'm pretty sure that's almost a thing of the past? I remember there was a really sketchy thing that happened with one big site, but I don't even remember which it was.

If anyone saw that patron vimeo that I accidentally made're welcome. 👀

Did you like it?

Here's a rejected bigfoot design. :c

I was given a photo of a puppy for reference and then told it looked too much like a werewolf???


*turns in bigfoot design for approval*

Critique: make him cuter. Like this: *sends me a picture of MY puppy*

Sir, do you want a bigfoot or a poodle?

I actually finished this before I evacuated from a fire last month...but I’m home now and life’s getting back to normal so I figured I’d post it!

It's on display in the you know where?

A little update: I was evacuated from my home last week due to wildfires in my area. My critters and I are safe and sound, but I've unpublished physical items on my gumroad and I am refunding Patreon pledges this month to focus on other things.

Hope you're all well. 💖

I'm getting a new computer, but the current one froze in the middle of a project that's got a deadline this week. 😬😬😬

Not sure how recently it's saved...

I still have a lot of merch from that one time I did a con, and while I did take product photos, I never posted them online and I think I may do a reshoot today but make it ✨fun✨.

I've been really busy but Mystic Springs got new jars so I made new labels!

I'm loving the facial expressions in Amphibia s2 so much!

Got a call out of the blue from a stranger that someone else gave my number to to possibly commission me for a big job???

12:18 am.

What if I paint a hyper realistic and cute Scrappy Doo to trick people into liking him?

I would like to one day work for a company that isn't just one (1) colorblind man who doesn't know any technical terms for digital art and so confuses me when directing revisions.

*remember seeing an art tutorial that would come in handy*

*doesn't remember WHERE or even how recently*

Is story revisionist different from storyboard revisionist or are they the same thing with different names?

Okay I rebuilt my entire website again today and I'm finally pleased with it. 😎

Waddya think?

What if I just keep making new websites? I went through like 4 last night. I could keep going til I find something good.

Okay, my new website /sucks/ but I've deleted my wix and updated my hypelink.

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