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You can find me on artstation, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr all under the name @emmikatjohnson !

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Hey, do y'all have any suggestions for sites to host (is that the right word?) comics? My friend and I have no idea what's hip and popular anymore.

She was gonna post stuff on smackjeeves but I'm pretty sure that's almost a thing of the past? I remember there was a really sketchy thing that happened with one big site, but I don't even remember which it was.

I couldn't get a good above shot with my tiny phone tripod, so I taped a selfie stick to a candy jar.

I keep trying to film my progress on this sculpted relief, but people keep calling me! Even if I ignore them, the video gets ended by the call and I have to readjust the camera position. 🙃

Here's my latest ad for Mystic Springs!

I'm really glad I got to revisit drawing the National Museum of Iraq with more skill since I drew the Arabian Nights label some time ago!

So if the bots can take the text from the images they're stealing to name their products, then would that theory about communicating to artists with text in images not work?

I have a society6 with lots of cute stickers and some prints:

And while I'm working on setting up the rest of my shop, I do have Shaggy Devotional Candles available on Gumroad right now!

I finished an illustration with a building in it and I feel very accomplished tonight.

Those cheap art sets allow kids the freedom of experimentation without the fear/guilt of wasting expensive supplies.

Also I found a pair of crayola scissors in the yard last month that my dad ran over with a tractor. Do you want to spend big bucks for it to end up like that?

Are screenshot edits worthy of sharing on my art accounts if I drew a whole character into the screenshot?

OotD…from last week. It’s already out of date since I cut my hair and it got too cold for that jacket anymore. I couldn’t get my scanner to work til last night.

How’s fall treating you?

I spent a good deal of time doing product photos for my new shop today and then I realized that I have a limited number of slots and it would have been beneficial to to just do group shots and label the items.

I miiiiiight just take my existing photos and put them into a grid?

Tried to make a patreon post on the app and it sucks so bad! 😭 I deleted the app immediately.

Guess I'll just have to post from desktop. RIP

Omg I actually hit 60 followers on this dang bird site. 😭

Thank you, everyone!

Okay. Now that I have actual merch, my next personal project is gonna be to start my dang comic!

Does anyone use postcard prints as actual postcards? I think that would be really cool!

I am just so pleased at the reaction to my Zoinks candles. I didn't sell a lot of them, but that's okay. The people who did buy them were tickled to do so AND THAT'S AMAZING!

Sorry I didn't update more about con over the weekend! We were really busy and I want to thank everyone for stopping by!

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