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You can find me on artstation, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr all under the name @emmikatjohnson !

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Hey, do y'all have any suggestions for sites to host (is that the right word?) comics? My friend and I have no idea what's hip and popular anymore.

She was gonna post stuff on smackjeeves but I'm pretty sure that's almost a thing of the past? I remember there was a really sketchy thing that happened with one big site, but I don't even remember which it was.

I've been crafting this week! Prepping for con this fall, but if you see one you like, dm me and we can talk!

Anyone else keep notes for story ideas for existing media that you don't want to share with fandom/public on the off chance that you'll one day have the opportunity to pitch and develop them officially?

Getting nice comments from you guys really makes my week!

Poor Rosie's had a real bad week (though the bee sting was last month...) but on the bright side she looks like a little space man in her hood and cone. 🌟 ✨☄️

Everyday I think about how they wanted to introduce Scrappy Doo in but it got cancelled before they could do that and everyday I weep.

But he would totally have been one of Daphne's quirks, I am sure of that.

Sometimes I wonder if using deters some people from interacting with my posts, but then I remember that those are the people I don't want to interact with my posts anyways so it's all good.

I'm so bad at remembering to post these, but I have a new Patron-Exclusive as well as Early Access post up on Patreon!

I don't mean to be ungrateful to those who support me on any platform, but I really wish I had the same activity here that I have on tumblr. I don't care for a lot of tumblr's management and updates, but the people there have made it worthwhile to stick around.

I've tried to be conscientious of the potential waste when I plan my merch. Obviously I haven't gotten very far yet and my Shaggy candles are not representative of that, but I do want to look in low plastic packaging for other stuff. And maybe printers who use recycled paper?

Oops! I didn't realize that this uploaded as an instagram link before. Here are those Scooby Doodles from earlier this week.

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