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You can find me on artstation, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr all under the name @emmikatjohnson !

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Hey, do y'all have any suggestions for sites to host (is that the right word?) comics? My friend and I have no idea what's hip and popular anymore.

She was gonna post stuff on smackjeeves but I'm pretty sure that's almost a thing of the past? I remember there was a really sketchy thing that happened with one big site, but I don't even remember which it was.

I had a frustrating time on a drawing I'm trying to finish today but then I went back and looked at the almost 30 comic pages I cowrote with my best friend in high school.

What we lacked in skill, we made up for in...well. something. And jokes. We had some really funny jokes.

A look at a rejected Mystic Springs Honey ad for this week's Patron-exclusive post and the Early Access post is up, too!

Okay, so after two months I finally have the stickers for my God!Shaggy candles. I still have to assemble them, but that shouldn"t take much time. I am waiting until after Easter to post them for sale because they feel kind of sacrilegious and I want to be courteous. Lol

While David's haircut isn't a big deal, I think that it opens up a character arc for The Spine.
The idea of him letting go of his wig, part of a facade that he's kept up for most of his 123 years, would show that he's accepting himself as he is.

Big oof. Some things that I placed an order with a local printer for in February are finally going to be ready on Monday (I believe only because I reached out and asked what was going on?? It's been 2 months!)

I repainted an old coatrack I found and added strawberries to it to make it interesting!

Excuse my front door. We plan to replace it so we never finished the trim around it. :O

A new Patron exclusive post of design sketches AND an Early Access post? For just $1???? Sign me up!

Happy ! I'm Emma, I do illustration and comics + I'm getting back into story boarding and animating. I am open for freelance!

📸 Insta:
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Watching the developments for the upcoming Scooby Doo movies like:

Based off of the comic by KC Green

Moving my fanart posts from Fridays to Mondays as a bit of an experiment. But you can see Monday's post now on my Patreon!

Y'all my sister and I were accepted to table at a con this fall and I'm so anxious.

But also excited!

I finally reached 50 followers! It might not seem like much but it's taken a lot to get here and I really appreciate each of you joining me on my artistic journey. 💖💖💖

Uploaded a new early access post with a companion Patron-Only post. You could wait til Friday to see one of them for free, or you could pay $1 for access to both of them and a backlog of my post from the past two months.

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