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Ford, the striped hyena! Recent limited color bust commission for Senka-Bekic :)

Last upload of 2019 I think! My classic druid and her much bigger sister, her retail counterpart, at the (Hosted By Faebelina)

Of all these I saw, my favorites were definitely the ones who went hard into embracing their own style

and so,

I have not one, but two illustrations in the Potions Brewbook! Here's a little preview of both.

Preorder information is available here:

Preorders run through August 31st!🍋🦉

imagine me trying to explain any aspect of this drawing to my very offline parents


And Week Four, the final submission for the art fight: 'Team-Swap'!

harmonious_rain 's Admere, enjoying a moment of quiet away from the crowd ✨

Commission for a guildie, Matea the dwarven priestess! I sort of love how recognizable vanilla gear is?

These were done like months apart but I like how one looks like a reaction to the other so they go together now, lmao


Week Three of the art fight: 'Selfie'!

I pictured this as an evening of lalibertalia's Sekki and my Avarin raising hell in Booty Bay, lol


Come on in, the water’s fine!

The full piece I made for the Secrets of the Sea zine last year, as well as my older piece that I adapted the idea from 🌋

Week Two of the art fight: 'Sculpture'!

I discovered upon doing some research that my childhood sandcastles were... somewhat unambitious lol.

Tayto for @TheCatnamedFish

My birthday gift to me is a new header image that better reflects the style I want to work in.

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