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imagine me trying to explain any aspect of this drawing to my very offline parents


Commission for a guildie, Matea the dwarven priestess! I sort of love how recognizable vanilla gear is?

For my (organized by @nekrokat) I got @sleepyteajam's character, Djeia!

There were bunny ears and freckles and I could not be saved from delight! 🐰🐇

These were done like months apart but I like how one looks like a reaction to the other so they go together now, lmao


I imagine this is going to take me through January, but that’s fine. I like how they make a tidy cohesive collection when they’re all done

1. P̶a̶r̶s̶i̶m̶o̶n̶i̶o̶u̶s̶ (Persimmons)
2. (Dis)Obedient
3. (Un)Damaged
4. (The Great)Mother

Last upload of 2019 I think! My classic druid and her much bigger sister, her retail counterpart, at the (Hosted By Faebelina)

Not what I planned to post today but I'm in a bit of a mood for an unknown reason.

My main druid has been with me since vanilla, so rather than remake an 'old' her, I decided to envision the new druid as a much more optimistic, young, and naive character.

These took me longer than they would have in the Before, but it was good to have just a thing to sit and chip away at over the last week. Also got some ideas for stuff I can do going forward, so that's cool.


My birthday gift to me is a new header image that better reflects the style I want to work in.

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