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I know a few have seen this already, but I realized I needed to upload it everywhere and get some of the details as well! Recent commission for my friend @drab_makyo of her kobald ranger Sarai, accompanied by fantastic leggy blinkdog :3

Pre-orders for ROUTE ONE, A Starter Pokémon Zine, are now open until 25th August!

Featuring over 50 illustrations of your favorite starter Pokémon, this zine is a treat for any Poké-fan.
(My preview below 👇:3 )

hope everyone's super pumped for a 600,000 word science fantasy with an ensemble cast all sharing 2 brain cells and one light saber.

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I've spent the last week or so on scenes that are important, but bloated with unuseful dialog. I realized about 5 minutes ago the characters are basically my brain conversing with itself to figure out how to express information, and once they get there, the rest is edited.

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It's basically taken me ~10 months to get into decent writing headspace and habit.

well it’s not totally fixed but I got about ~1500 written from what I think is the right perspective now and it’s feeling much better. removes a lot of redundancy, adds some worldbuilding and motivation that the original person doesn’t know 👍

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Anyway this morning I'm facing the fact that I have ~4000 words written from the wrong POV character

Just a note that there will not be a stream today, I'm taking care of personal business. I will see ya'll tomorrow 😘

My kobold ranger, Sarai, on her blink-dog mount. Art by the ever-amazing @emilylorange Easily one of the best commissions I've gotten in a while (with no offense to any of the others, I'm just super happy with this) ^^

Available for preorder until August 25th, the Route One Pokemon Zine ( is full of over 50 illustrations featuring Pokemon starting lines :D


Here's a tiny preview from me, the child who made the mistake of going fire in red/blue ;)

Been doing a lot of introspection lately, and that kind of filtered down into wanting to do a bit of revision with the characters I associate myself with. A bit of me pondering what to do to revamp/retcon my druid.

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