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Hi folks, in solidarity with striking Amazon workers, I will be foregoing streaming today (Twitch is wholly owned by Amazon since 2014).

Stay safe and see you later this week :)

Drizzle 🌧️☔️
My thanks to everyone that offered constructive crit on this one as I worked on it over the last couple months :)

I asked what subject matter I should use to practice painting and I was told the dog, so have a blep :P
(Acrylic on 8"x10 canvas)

Drawing from life (cropped so it's not to spicy for the internets)
Charcoal and pastel pencils, toned paper

Something for a bit of fun - there was a WoW-sona meme going around a few months ago, so here's one for me and my dog :B

My kryptonite is ‘difficult’ conversations where characters actually work out their problems because 600,000 pages of arguing about the same thing would be realistic, but boring, lol

The sun finally came out for like 15 minutes today so I finally got a photo of the Heckbird 🦜
(Acrylic and Posca pen on 8x10" wood panel)

Commissioned anniversary gift - a huuuge one with tons of little details, with plenty of slightly out of season Winter Veil cheer ;3

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