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Hi folks, in solidarity with striking Amazon workers, I will be foregoing streaming today (Twitch is wholly owned by Amazon since 2014).

Stay safe and see you later this week :)

Drizzle 🌧️☔️
My thanks to everyone that offered constructive crit on this one as I worked on it over the last couple months :)

Drawing from life (cropped so it's not to spicy for the internets)
Charcoal and pastel pencils, toned paper

Something for a bit of fun - there was a WoW-sona meme going around a few months ago, so here's one for me and my dog :B

My kryptonite is ‘difficult’ conversations where characters actually work out their problems because 600,000 pages of arguing about the same thing would be realistic, but boring, lol

Commissioned anniversary gift - a huuuge one with tons of little details, with plenty of slightly out of season Winter Veil cheer ;3

Trying hard not to think about how this means I'm like 1/4 done with this story.

😭 📜🖊️

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