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Time for ! My druid had it all *figured out* and then you all burned her house down! So doing a bit of a twist on the Nordrassil Raiment that is starting to come together :3

I'm like 2 years behind on and slowly working my way through but Roswell is a little bird piloting a giant suit of armor and there's no way ya'll were sneaking that by me.

August Phone Doodles

A preview of my contribution to the Steven Universe Decadence zine , which is now available for preorder until September 14th! Benefits go to the Point Foundation, an organization that offers scholarships for LGBT+ students.

Info about the zine is available here:

Trying to get into better habits, where instead of opening up social media on my phone, I open up sketchpad. Much rougher than my usual just by nature of being done in little snatches of time on an itty bitty phone screen.

July (1/2)

//I always dreamed of being stationed here. //

The pre-order period for Rocket Queen is over, so we’ve been given permission to post our final complete pieces :) Thank you everyone for making the zine a success!

this was an experiment that I was convinced wasn’t going to work but of course ended up working so well that I ordered more marker colors before I was finished

I have both a page in this, and a separate print (Mei and Snowball) that's a reward for the merch tier :D

sketches from a failed concept pitch. Might still do this independently, but of course that takes that magical thing called ‘time’ XP

Oh my gosh the Artists of Azeroth books are starting arrive, so I'm able to share this one at last! We were asked to make something about our most memorable moments playing Warcraft, so I chose my first Illidan kill..... which I could charitably describe as 'chaos'.

Been a while since I've drawn Amy as an old-style bear :O

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