Drizzle 🌧️☔️
My thanks to everyone that offered constructive crit on this one as I worked on it over the last couple months :)

I did an art trade with firecatrich (on twitter)! Oh my god it's been like a decade since I actually did an art trade???

I chose to do her big soft white lion, Lev, and she did a very cool Emily for me :D

I got commissioned to draw my own OCs? That’s allowed?! NO ONE TOLD ME THIS WAS ALLOWED!

Something for a bit of fun - there was a WoW-sona meme going around a few months ago, so here's one for me and my dog :B

I know a few have seen this already, but I realized I needed to upload it everywhere and get some of the details as well! Recent commission for my friend @drab_makyo of her kobald ranger Sarai, accompanied by fantastic leggy blinkdog :3

An artist I follow posted a piece with a color scheme I really liked and when I finally went back to study it more closely I eventually realized the art I was looking for didn't exist and my phone had its blue light filter on.

So here's an approximation lol

Also, we were informed this morning that while physical copies are no longer available, the PDF version of the entire zine will once again be on sale this week!


All physical copies of Route One have officially been mailed, so we were given permission last night to post full versions of our pieces online!

Shout out to all the other kids who chose fire because it was rad as hell, only to discover a slight issue this caused at the Pewter City gym >:V

Secrets of the Sea (a mermaid zine) is now up for preorder until October 30th!


Here’s a tiny snippet of my piece (and you can look at the previews on the zine’s page for more examples of what you’ll get) 🐚🌊

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