I’m going to be doing a TON of baking this weekend, so now seems like a good time to post the illustration I did for the Steven Universe Decadence zine earlier this year. I had a heck of a lot of fun with this :D

I dont know what the new Star Trek animated series is going to be about but i have some suggestions

@espectalll on a more personal note, the best advice I probably ever got in school is don't be afraid to erase or start over - ignore the voice that says 'it'll never look this good again' - because of course it will, it's still you drawing it!

@espectalll what you should practice depends a lot on what you want to do, but a skill that will help in all areas is learning observation skills - draw from life. Photos are OK but seeing it in person is better - photos can be deceptive and obscure information.

374 - (N) T21 Priest - Gilded Seraph
205 - (N) T15 Mage - Chromatic Hydra
206 - (H) T15 Mage - Chromatic Hydra

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We got word a couple weeks ago that the last of the international DungeonWatch orders have been shipped, so it seems safe to add my little additional Mei print to my growing pile of Overwatch ladies ;3

Something a bit on the goofier side, my other submission for DungeonWatch - trying desperately to explain game mechanics to a confused dragon.

A lot of my drawings of my druid tend to be on the more vibrant side.... and then her house burned down, and the tree it was sitting in, and the island the tree was on.... so something a bit more moody ^_^

I think it would actually be pretty cool to redo the Nordrassil set around a burnt or autumn theme, maybe I should put that on my to-do list.

Assets for youtube Let’s Play channel.

I was told this was not what they meant when they asked for Zeus working on a tablet and then explicitly forbidden from changing it ;D

My gold marker spontaneously started working much better so instead of a streaky canary yellow it's actually doing a nice metallic gold :O So I retouched this and got a much more accurate scan :3

#1: Favorite Duck

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