back up your bullshit today so if your hard drive crashes you can be back on it tomorrow 😤

I know a few have seen this already, but I realized I needed to upload it everywhere and get some of the details as well! Recent commission for my friend @drab_makyo of her kobald ranger Sarai, accompanied by fantastic leggy blinkdog :3

Pre-orders for ROUTE ONE, A Starter Pokémon Zine, are now open until 25th August!

Featuring over 50 illustrations of your favorite starter Pokémon, this zine is a treat for any Poké-fan.
(My preview below 👇:3 )

Anyway this morning I'm facing the fact that I have ~4000 words written from the wrong POV character

Available for preorder until August 25th, the Route One Pokemon Zine ( is full of over 50 illustrations featuring Pokemon starting lines :D


Here's a tiny preview from me, the child who made the mistake of going fire in red/blue ;)

Been doing a lot of introspection lately, and that kind of filtered down into wanting to do a bit of revision with the characters I associate myself with. A bit of me pondering what to do to revamp/retcon my druid.

Drizzle 🌧️☔️
My thanks to everyone that offered constructive crit on this one as I worked on it over the last couple months :)

Something for a bit of fun - there was a WoW-sona meme going around a few months ago, so here's one for me and my dog :B

My kryptonite is ‘difficult’ conversations where characters actually work out their problems because 600,000 pages of arguing about the same thing would be realistic, but boring, lol

Trying hard not to think about how this means I'm like 1/4 done with this story.

😭 📜🖊️

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