I dont know what the new Star Trek animated series is going to be about but i have some suggestions

My gold marker spontaneously started working much better so instead of a streaky canary yellow it's actually doing a nice metallic gold :O So I retouched this and got a much more accurate scan :3

#1: Favorite Duck

We got word a couple weeks ago that the last of the international DungeonWatch orders have been shipped, so it seems safe to add my little additional Mei print to my growing pile of Overwatch ladies ;3

I’m going to do what I ended up doing unintentionally last year and spread out my drawings over the course of several months. I think it let me make better stuff and it kept me from spamming everyone with the same content :)

Day One: Favorite Duck

Offering a few small commission slots (icons, doodles, busts) to help ends meet a bit. TOS and form provided in the below tumblr link -thank you for any rts :)


I cut my paper into 32 pieces so I had an extra to go wild with :x Inktober is over now let's never speak of it again

Day 31: no. 025
Day 32: no. 172

bless everyone who takes photos of their dogs catching frisbees, you made this real

Day 25: no. 133
Day 26: no. 196
Day 27: no. 197

Got a little bit bored with the black and white so for the remainder of these I’ve pulled out all the Posca markers :O

Day 22: no. 136
Day 23: no. 135
Day 24: no. 134

To the absolute unsurprise of everyone involved, the bird monster that shoots fire is my all time favorite :3

Day 7: no. 252
Day 8: no. 255
Day 9: no. 258

absolutely not doing nanowrimo this year but have found that, as a result of choosing to do art full-time, that i want to do something other than drawing in the evenings now. so i’m trying this nonsense for the first time in two years, and it feels pretty okay?

Well today sucks a bit and I can’t do a whole lot to fix it but I can give you weird pocket monster drawings.

Day 4: no. 152
Day 5: no. 155
Day 6: no. 158

It’s Inktober time! Keeping it simple this year but super enjoying the nostalgia <3

Day 1: no. 001
Day 2: no. 004
Day 3: no. 007

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