Of all these I saw, my favorites were definitely the ones who went hard into embracing their own style

and so,

These were done like months apart but I like how one looks like a reaction to the other so they go together now, lmao


These took me longer than they would have in the Before, but it was good to have just a thing to sit and chip away at over the last week. Also got some ideas for stuff I can do going forward, so that's cool.


Hello , I'm Emily!

I'm a full time digital artist! I do a mix of furry and fantasy, with inspiration from traditional animation.

๐Ÿค twitter.com/emilylorange

Some afternoon doodling, playing around a bit with the OC I made about 20 years too late lol ๐Ÿฆ‡

imagine me trying to explain any aspect of this drawing to my very offline parents


office manager said to report outside for teambuilding exercises immediately

Commission for a guildie, Matea the dwarven priestess! I sort of love how recognizable vanilla gear is?

Here's a peek at my submission to Moonblast (twitter.com/moonblastzine) - it's so cold here still that I absolutely went wild drawing a summer vacation ๐Ÿ–๏ธ

The zine is currently available at moonblastzine.bigcartel.com/ , proceeds benefit the Trevor Foundation.

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