Hello !

I'm a digital illustrator looking for work! I play with color and shape, with influence from traditional animation.

🐦 twitter.com/emilylorange
☁️ pillowfort.social/emilylorange

Healer 🌿

This one became.... extremely personal about an hour after the initial sketch was laid down.

CW: Fire

Twitter: Remember last year when we all did reindeersonas? Lets do that!
Twitter: It would be pleasant!
Me, halfway done turning myself into a cranberry bog witch: It would be *what*??

Actually this is a pretty good representation of how I feel today lol

For today's I chose the other Bladerunner :D

For today's I chose the iconic still that everyone eventually must choose 😉

Most anticipated feature in Shadowlands:
Y'rel horns for my paladin, at last✨

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