For lilnird's weekly sketchlist! Don't know if I'll always have time to participate but I thought I'd do the first few anyway :3

1 (neutral)
2 (happy)
3 (sad)

I think this one got drawn in 2006 specifically because I wanted to do an art trade with someone but there was literally no full body ref for me to refer them to, so I can't pull an image of him older than that, lol

I saw that some other guests brought pets to Faebelina's event, so hopefully it's okay that Guin brought her puppy (and mimosas)

Drawings for ToonQueen, helping her brainstorm the design for her character Faustine, who appears to have made some sort of.... ill advised bargain

was doodling in bed and said to myself ‘huh that kind of looks like.....’
and that’s how i ended up with a void elf warlock OC named pam

Everyone was posting 10 year glow ups and I was, no, that's okay, thank you, 2009 was not a great year for me.

.....How about a 20 year? :D

Hey folks, for this valentines day, remember to talk to your partner and see if succumbing to the forces of terror and darkness is right for you! 😍

i wasn't going to make one of these and then i took the most accurate and on-brand photo ever because google was failing me for hand references

Sun Jin and Arabella, commissioned by MelodyHaren and
terrasaur (on twitter), for their Scion RPG tabletop group! The process of creating the lines and textures was a blast, and I love how cute it turned out :3

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