Think I’m closing in on a style I like for this format. I *might* offer this as a cheaper commission tier with the understanding the results are a bit more expressive.

September 2018 phone doodles (1/2)

Also phone doodles? Do you use a note 8 and sketchbook or something?

@Sori I have a Note 5 and it turns out it can run Sketchbook pretty well!

@emilylorange Ooooh that sounds promising. Maybe I should consider getting a secondhand one as like a pocket sketchbook.

@Sori it took a little bit of getting used to because the screen is so small but you can move and zoom with your fingers while painting with the stylus so it's actually quite fun and intuitive :3

@emilylorange I had a Chromebook I did stuff on with Sketchbook Pro - I actually really love the interface, I like the power of Krita but I really love the workflow of Sketchbook Pro.

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