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I did not sleep well last night but whatever I dragged myself over this line

Video card status: Fancy Brick

In any case rather than being negative I'm going to be extremely grateful I have a back up PC and back up files that will let me keep working in the mean time.

Today has sucked but it objectively could have been much worse.

Heads up! Likely no stream today as a bad AMD driver appears to have broken my video card so I get to troubleshoot that today instead :D

Been doing a lot of introspection lately, and that kind of filtered down into wanting to do a bit of revision with the characters I associate myself with. A bit of me pondering what to do to revamp/retcon my druid.

I asked what subject matter I should use to practice painting and I was told the dog, so have a blep :P
(Acrylic on 8"x10 canvas)

I've been asked where all the duck people went, so in spirit of nostalgia, here's an image I'm definitely never going to have time to explain
♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

Haven't had a 'good' writing day in a few weeks (where I define a good day as hitting 1k).

Been filling in the magic system and the body horror that comes with it 👍

I did an art trade with firecatrich (on twitter)! Oh my god it's been like a decade since I actually did an art trade???

I chose to do her big soft white lion, Lev, and she did a very cool Emily for me :D

So I've discovered that the queue timer maxes out at 1000 minutes

and also apparently I'm not playing classic until everyone gets bored and quits so I can log on

Pre-orders for ROUTE ONE, A Starter Pokémon Zine, are now open until 25th August!

Featuring over 50 illustrations of your favorite starter Pokémon, this zine is a treat for any Poké-fan.
(My preview below 👇:3 )

The sun finally came out for like 15 minutes today so I finally got a photo of the Heckbird 🦜
(Acrylic and Posca pen on 8x10" wood panel)

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