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These took me longer than they would have in the Before, but it was good to have just a thing to sit and chip away at over the last week. Also got some ideas for stuff I can do going forward, so that's cool.


Week One of the art fight: 'Menagerie'!
Fiamma1221s requested a sea turtle for their OC, Criostoir!🐢

You should have seen the look on my grandmother's face when I told her I was drawing a werewolf in a dress

A doodle for myself between deadlines. It's very cool having an evil lair built on a volcano, but also super boring 99.9% of the time.

Some afternoon doodling, playing around a bit with the OC I made about 20 years too late lol 🦇

I think social media leaves people with the impression that a drawing starts out terrific and refined. Nope! It's curated to appear that way for aesthetic and clicks.
Look at how my pretty doggo* started as a phone doodle lol🐶

*I'm never going to convince Gen Z that I'm cool so I will continue to say doggo like the hopeless, cingey old lady I am.

The physical copies of the Moonblast Pokemon zine have been arriving, and ahhh the printing turned out so crisp!

Here's the piece I made for the project - extra copies are still available from, with proceeds going to the Trevor Project.

'Okay illustrators and designers! Here are some tweets about resources that people would like more infographics of.

Pick a tweet about a resource below and draw it! Make sure it's sized and composed to current social media dimensions. There's always more we can be doing.'

thread has resources + infographics to read + share, or work on:

Alright! So, today is another Bandcamp Friday, which means that they will not take any revenue share for whatever you decide to pay artists on the platform.

So here is a little thread about black artists (on Bandcamp mostly but not only) who could use the support.

Of all these I saw, my favorites were definitely the ones who went hard into embracing their own style

and so,

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