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Trying my hand at my first artfight! I decided to make a quick nightwarriror version of my druid to fit the aesthetic of for STVBonfireBash - thank you to those who dropped into the stream to keep me company while I did!

Trying out brushes that aren't just the round boys!

My druid looks like she's aged 30 years in the last 6 months and, I mean, same, really.

I asked what subject matter I should use to practice painting and I was told the dog, so have a blep :P
(Acrylic on 8"x10 canvas)

Doing another challenge, this time hosted by DaveGrecoArt, with his OC. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the stream as I worked on her, I had a ton of fun :)

Adding Tracer (my contribution to the Blink! zine run by studio_zines) to my little but steadily growing collection of painted ladies :3

The sun finally came out for like 15 minutes today so I finally got a photo of the Heckbird 🦜
(Acrylic and Posca pen on 8x10" wood panel)

Drawing from life (cropped so it's not to spicy for the internets)
Charcoal and pastel pencils, toned paper

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