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All physical copies of Route One have officially been mailed, so we were given permission last night to post full versions of our pieces online!

Shout out to all the other kids who chose fire because it was rad as hell, only to discover a slight issue this caused at the Pewter City gym >:V

(38, 69) (Gilneas) 🌒

If you're an artist with an active WoW account, our US group will be hanging out and painting/drawing/sketching in Halfhill on Sunday Evening (Nov 24)! Details at AzerothPleinAir (on Twitter)

I forgot that I had this one finished :O
I really like drawing planets :3

For my (organized by @nekrokat) I got @sleepyteajam's character, Djeia!

There were bunny ears and freckles and I could not be saved from delight! 🐰🐇

I imagine this is going to take me through January, but that’s fine. I like how they make a tidy cohesive collection when they’re all done

1. P̶a̶r̶s̶i̶m̶o̶n̶i̶o̶u̶s̶ (Persimmons)
2. (Dis)Obedient
3. (Un)Damaged
4. (The Great)Mother

cannot express the delight of seeing david tennant menacing a potted plant

Last upload of 2019 I think! My classic druid and her much bigger sister, her retail counterpart, at the (Hosted By Faebelina)

Not what I planned to post today but I'm in a bit of a mood for an unknown reason.

My main druid has been with me since vanilla, so rather than remake an 'old' her, I decided to envision the new druid as a much more optimistic, young, and naive character.

(57,50) (Stormheim) 🍂

Consider joining our NA group of artists tomorrow night for a spooky painting session in Gilneas (@ AzerothPleinAir on Twitter for Info)

I've been asked where all the duck people went, so in spirit of nostalgia, here's an image I'm definitely never going to have time to explain
♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

My birthday gift to me is a new header image that better reflects the style I want to work in.

I did an art trade with firecatrich (on twitter)! Oh my god it's been like a decade since I actually did an art trade???

I chose to do her big soft white lion, Lev, and she did a very cool Emily for me :D

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