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To the absolute unsurprise of everyone involved, the bird monster that shoots fire is my all time favorite :3

Day 7: no. 252
Day 8: no. 255
Day 9: no. 258

absolutely not doing nanowrimo this year but have found that, as a result of choosing to do art full-time, that i want to do something other than drawing in the evenings now. so i’m trying this nonsense for the first time in two years, and it feels pretty okay?

Well today sucks a bit and I can’t do a whole lot to fix it but I can give you weird pocket monster drawings.

Day 4: no. 152
Day 5: no. 155
Day 6: no. 158

It’s Inktober time! Keeping it simple this year but super enjoying the nostalgia <3

Day 1: no. 001
Day 2: no. 004
Day 3: no. 007

Think I’m closing in on a style I like for this format. I *might* offer this as a cheaper commission tier with the understanding the results are a bit more expressive.

September 2018 phone doodles (1/2)

Time for ! My druid had it all *figured out* and then you all burned her house down! So doing a bit of a twist on the Nordrassil Raiment that is starting to come together :3

I'm like 2 years behind on and slowly working my way through but Roswell is a little bird piloting a giant suit of armor and there's no way ya'll were sneaking that by me.

August Phone Doodles

A preview of my contribution to the Steven Universe Decadence zine , which is now available for preorder until September 14th! Benefits go to the Point Foundation, an organization that offers scholarships for LGBT+ students.

Info about the zine is available here:

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