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Whew two hours is not long enough to study a Sargent!

(session hosted by Paul Scott Canavan)

fire, house fire, wildfire, PHOTO ATTACHED 

Fog finally lifted this morning and the news choppers have been circling. My parent's neighborhood, except for perhaps one house, is gone.

They escaped with the clothes on their backs. They had to leave most pets behind. We have not been allowed back to the property yet, but the assumption is it's completely gone. No known cause, investigation underway.

1 and 1.5hr drawings tonight.

(Hosted by Paul Scott Canavan, Refs fromHoward Lyon and Arnaud Lonys)

And Week Four, the final submission for the art fight: 'Team-Swap'!

harmonious_rain 's Admere, enjoying a moment of quiet away from the crowd ✨

Pair of 1hr StudyBuddies paintings. Reference photos by Aaron Miller and Jenn Ravenna Tran.

A doodle for myself between deadlines. It's very cool having an evil lair built on a volcano, but also super boring 99.9% of the time.

These took me longer than they would have in the Before, but it was good to have just a thing to sit and chip away at over the last week. Also got some ideas for stuff I can do going forward, so that's cool.


Hey the month is nearly over, here's a reminder I'm part of a couple projects that are ending their order period tomorrow (Sept 30th)

The Radiant Scales Dragon-Themed Tarot deck is fully funded, and we've smashed all our stretch goals!

The Potions Brewbook zine is also available for preorder, ending tomorrow, featuring recipes with complementary writing and artwork for your witchy needs!

Week Three of the art fight: 'Selfie'!

I pictured this as an evening of lalibertalia's Sekki and my Avarin raising hell in Booty Bay, lol


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