I wanna be, extremely late
Like no one every was
To cancel is my real test
To delay is my cause

I won't travel, across the land
Searching far and wide
Each delay, to understand
The excuse that's inside

(Deutsche Bahn, gotta catch 'em all!)
Its you and me
I know it's my destiny
(Deutsche Bahn)
Oh, you're my cancelled train
In Stuttgart we must await
(Deutsche Bahn, gotta catch 'em all)
A heart so true
Our delays won't pull us through

Switch repairs and flooding too
Deutsche Bahn
(gotta catch 'em all)
Gotta catch 'em all
(Deutsche Bahn)

I really would like to draw, but I need to work on a presentation. It needs to be finished basically tonight. It's way too warm to work tho... Summer is not my friend!

Horror (tootfic) 

She hadn't gotten used to cooking for one since John had passed. She pushed her half empty plate away and started feeding the leftovers to Rover, now her only companion, under the tablecloth.

"You're a good doggie, aren't you?" She cooed as he licked her fingers greedily. "Enjoying your little treats, boy? There you are."

A movement caught her eye and she glanced to the kitchen door, where Rover sat watching with his head cocked curiously.

I haven't tried drawing portraits since I struggled my way through drawing Patrick Stewart. Yesterday I tried painting a black and white portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. and I'm pretty chuffed with how it turned out. Now I should probably go back to my academic work and my emails ...


Why do they call it a laundry machine when all it does is get my clothes wet. What is laun anyway?!?

@emilychwiggy here’s some photos I took when we did a trip to France by hovercraft back in the 1980s.

Your art sure captures it.

Grey Herons aren't exactly a rare beauty, but they do have their charm, when they spread their wings and fly up.

Image inspired by an old snapshot from twitter.

de, ger, asking for endo recommendations, boosts appreciated 

can anyone recommend me an endo who's
- near frankfurt (or like, as close as possible and closer than berlin, lol)
- does hrt on transfems, including non-binary ones like me (i'm very fem-presenting tho which kinda helps and i might be able to pretend i'm binary)
- respects their patients' wishes in terms of dosage and administration method

i already have an indication letter since >=6 months and i'm already on prescribed hrt since >=5 months, but my endo is in berlin, hard to contact and very far away, and he is technically not an endo but an Allgemeinarzt and i'm never rlly sure if he actually knows what he is doing, so i would like to switch to someone competent (yet not less trans-friendly) who's closer to where i live

#trans i guess

also boosts appreciated

Birds, my friends! Birds!! We've got pigeons! We've got crows (twa corbies, to my countrymen). Step right up, we've got a big old raven! And lastly but by no means leastly, ladies and others, we've got an owl of some make or model. Possibly a Eurasian eagle owl, I don't know, I'm not an owlbrarian. That's like someone who works at the Library of Owls. Totally a thing. Birds!!! Okay, let's do some hashtags...

Boosts wanted

I am always looking for more artists to commission to make art in honor of my late cat, Lyra.

My budget is limited so I can order only a few commissions at a time, but I am faithfully pursuing this project.

Any artists who take commissions for pet portraits or animal art in general, please feel free to reply to this thread!

#mastoart #commission

I got this paper texture from @welshpixie and Abe approves, it looks really good 😄 Thank you again for providing the material :squee:

Look at these smokin' hot locos, throwing black plumes of diesel exhaust into the air, while i'm singing, "Don't waste your time on me, you're already the voice inside my head". These Delaware and Hudson ALCO PAs were inspired by a few 1970s photographs by John F. Bjorklund in the archives of the CRP&A.

Here another time-lapse from my streams on this week.
I hope you like my bottled town and see you all in the next

🔥 🎨

Happy #heksennacht/#hexennacht for anyone that celebrates it, may we fill the night with spirits and witchcraft.

Let's hope the Selkie transformation happens before this magnificent seal hits the ground, in this small harbour that looks very much like Ballintoy Harbour.

Quick tl;dr on media descriptions in Mastodon:

1. When you attach a thing - music, video, image, whatevs - the "Edit" button in the upper-right of the preview gives you a text box.

2. Besides screen readers and the like, hovering a mouse over the media shows the description.

3. A good media description lets everyone in on the joke so we can tell what this is and why it matters.

A couple cool links re: 3:

- Alt Text as Poetry
- Against Access

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