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Detail from a ! I want to commission a cool brass or bronze statue someday...

A redraw of an illustration from about a year and a half ago. I've gotten much better at using the iPad for entire works!

If you ever want to scream, look at your old art from the year of our lord two thousand and seven.


tbh I feel none of my art looks like it was done by the same person. It's cool to be mutable, but it can be frustrating, too...


I've been spacing out my art posts since the new year but I want to share it now and not in two weeks bc I like it mastodon.art/media/616IFkYtcHB

Dapper and Darling, the poshest in the pond.

BOTW needs to make some DLC that lets me give the big pony flowers, because I'm still real salty about that.


2D animation isn't taught at
my school, but I dabble. My fascination with animated films got me into art.

mastodon.art/media/O82JSJny_Ec mastodon.art/media/cJMhW4eKqqw