three color challenge i did with colors my friend picked w/o looking πŸ’› ❀️ πŸ’š
colors: yellow ochre, permanent red light and hooker's green dp

Summary of my first attempt to make an air dry clay figure:

πŸ₯” "Void Help Me I Have No Idea What I Am Doing"
πŸ₯” "But I Am Having So Much Fun"
πŸ₯” It was a nice change, I couldn't get myself back into painting recently but now I feel refreshed & ready to go
πŸ₯” Hot glue and air dry modeling terracotta clay don't go together
πŸ₯” I Learned A Thing
πŸ₯” I ultimately failed but I definitely want to try again

03 - Acorn Witch
Peaceful and friendly, but if you are unwise enough to antagonize her - she will trap you in an acorn.

01 - Lavender Witch
She's an insomniac beauty guru specializing in sleep potions. They are guaranteed to work on everyone, except the witch herself.

Drew in friend’s book.. went for the dead center bc he was indifferent as to where hehh

/ to this doggo I painted in January.
It's a purble doggo because 2018 is a Year of the Dog and official Pantone for 2018 is Ultra Violet πŸ’œ I remember posting sneak peaks of this on IG, but I never posted finished pic anywhere πŸ•

Two Draw-This-In-Your-Style-Challenges I did so far, boy this challenge was a blast for me :tentaluv:

πŸ”₯ Fire witch on the left is from challenge by nataszakura @ instagram
πŸƒ Green lady in poofy dress (on the right) is from challenge by torianne00 @ instagram

Some doodles for starters~
These ladies started as a fashion study of Alex Perry's pre-fall 2018 collection, but somewhere in the middle they took different turn.

...hello there again, artsy community of Mastodon! I'm back here, now that I have some actual art to post (instead of some old inktobers in that hot mess of an introduction post from few months ago).

Hope y'all having a productive day! :tentaluv:


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