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Friendly reminder that I have an art Instagram if you’re interested in following my art but don’t wanna hear me whining about my personal life. I post wips and videos in my story sometimes too :)

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Hey guys! If you're enjoying my art and would like to show some support for what I do, please consider checking out my Ko-fi page!

Y’all check out the pics I took with some friends at ACen last weekend! We did a LUNAR 2 group and it was fantastic 😀 I’m Lucia (with the blue hair.)

ok now that i'm finally getting to it, I didn't have very high hopes for the newest LW episode bc the last one honestly just. depressed me. BUT that was a pretty darned good opening instance.

finals are done!! last paper is submitted! also when I went to chipotle the cashier comped my meal because she was also excited to have just finished her finals. so it's a goooood day 😎 👍

One paper left to finish tomorrow and two exams in the afternoon! Then!! I'm free! 😭 from schoolwork at least.

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I had a really great weekend at ACen! tons of fun and met some great people! now back to reality, i.e., looming bills, project deadlines, and finals D:

Oh and I lost my last 20 bucks which was my lunch money for this week 👍

On top of fucking EVERYTHING else. Got a flat tire today on the way to school. So not only do I get to miss an exam, but I get to pay to do it 🙃🙃🙃

Hey guys! If you're enjoying my art and would like to show some support for what I do, please consider checking out my Ko-fi page!

If you ever want a clean aesthetic illustration of yourself or your character, I suggest you keep an eye out when @elliemars is opening their commissions.

This is their illustration of my half-elf cleric trickster charlatan and I love it 💜

Oooo I need to give @elliemars a shoutout for this stellar rendition of my CMDR Scarlet Downing. Absolutely top notch. #EliteDangerous

HHBDMMHSHFGGGF! my boy is coming back to Chicago!! I’m a dyin!!!!

But what the fuck u doin with that hair boi

Taking some quick-o bust commissions for the weekend! DM if you’re interested 😎

✏️ 25usd each bust
✏️ must be able to provide picture refs of your character.
✏️ OCs and fandom characters welcome!
✏️ humanoid/monster characters ok. No mecha or furry please.

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me: creates a character who is big and burly and covered in scars with a prosthetic arm who looks (and is) pretty damn scary but who is also on the inside a Soft Boi™ who is secretly a romantic and really just wants to protect the people he loves

me: haha I wonder where I ever developed a liking for such a specific set of tropes

also me: rereads TriMax for the 10th time

Here's some older stuff, models I did in SketchUp for some of the environments in my comic. This is Nova's dorm at ACHQ. It's got a kitchenette and the bathroom is bigger than Rayleen's, whose room is the same layout. The pilot dorms at HQ are all laid out the same, with minor variations in amenities - Rayleen's, for instance, has more storage space and a washer/dryer in the closet.

Today it’s about 65 degrees and I cleaned up my yard and planted some bulbs. 🌷🌷🌷

Last Sunday we had a snowstorm and got 6 inches of snow.

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