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Friendly reminder that I have an art Instagram if you’re interested in following my art but don’t wanna hear me whining about my personal life. I post wips and videos in my story sometimes too :)

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Hey guys! If you're enjoying my art and would like to show some support for what I do, please consider checking out my Ko-fi page!

Hey guys, I have a new NSFW good omens comic available on Gumroad! It’s a 20-page PWP that has been a Patreon exclusive and is now available to everyone!

Also on that note: you can check out my Patreon for all sorts of exclusive stuff like comics, concept art, new projects (and, yes, the spicy stuff 😎)

The first batch sold out this morning but I’ve added more! 😉

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Well, here’s me at the absolutely last minute, but... my good omens artbook, Snashion Magazine, will be open for preorder today! Preorders will go until the end of September, or until I hit a max. Check out my Etsy shop once the listings are live for more info!! 😎

Special announcement! My first art book, Snashion (snake fashion) is ready to be unleashed...! It’s a Good Omens fan art compilation with a focus on Crowley and fashion. There will be sketches, exclusive new art, and concept art from my two GO fan comics!

You can read about it in more detail on insta >

Patrons have full access to all my work on this project, including wips and exclusive pieces, and the pdf will be available to patrons for free!


Might turn this into a series, idk, I’m kinda digging it. This and the last piece will both be available to download full-size HD on my Patreon!

You can now catch B&BL on tapas! I wanted there to be one place where you can easily find all the parts of the comic and keep track of updates, since insta does get a little chaotic and it’s easy to miss things. Check it out >>

A redraw of a Morrigan I painted a while back! The original is maybe two years old? I’ve always really liked that one and it was nice to be able to freshen up an old piece and make it feel new!

I’m also planning to have B&BL in print because I’m making pretty good progress with that, and it’s a nice easy project for me. Most of my merch will be GOmens stuff so I think it’ll make a nice addition.

The other big thing I want to have is my art book, which Ive been getting together for the last few weeks, and hopefully should have available this summer!! Another thing that I honestly would never have imagined I’d have the chance to do. It’s a GO (mostly Crowley) fashion themed art book.

So, a short update on what I’ve got on my plate right now:

I’ll be tabling at daishocon this year in November, so I’ve been busy getting things ready to have some merch for that! I have a lot to do still bc I’ve never done it before!

The redraw of the supernovas pilot chapter is done(ish) and my goal is to have that available, in print, for the con. Which is frankly a huge deal for me, I never thought I’d get to the point of being able to have my comic actually, physically, In my hands!

My most recent to celebrate 5k on instagram! Real talk, guys? I remember at this time last year, before I fell fast and hard into the GOmens fandom, I was getting ready to celebrate 200 followers on IG. So much stuff has happened this last year and I’m just! So damn glad! For this entire fandom and all the wonderful artists and friends I’ve discovered since then!! 🥰🥰

Some “official” promo art for my good omens fan comic, Books & Bay Leaves 🌿

Mastodon’s format doesn’t really lend itself to posting webcomics, but you can read this one on my instagram page! Patrons also get to see early updates and all the behind-the-scenes work I’m doing on this!

Are you guys ready to see one thousand Crowley posts because that’s what I have for you today 😏😏

Sorry I suck at being active around here, turns out I can’t handle the immense effort it takes to post to more than one single place (IG) at a time. 🙃 got some updates and a post dump for you guys today, though 😏

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