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Hello folks! If you're enjoying my art, guess what? You can get even more of it at my Patreon! Some of the things I offer for as little as $1/month:

🔸 speed paints/process gifs
🔸 tutorials and how-tos
🔸 progress of WIPs
🔸 taking sketch requests

There are also art rewards at the $5 and $10+ tiers! Please check it out and consider supporting a struggling artist about to go back to school!

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Hey guys! If you're enjoying my art and would like to show some support for what I do, please consider checking out my Ko-fi page!

Friendly reminder that I have an art Instagram if you’re interested in following my art but don’t wanna hear me whining about my personal life. I post wips and videos in my story sometimes too :)

Went ahead and made an alt instagram just for comic stuff as well! I’ll be back-posting a bunch of stuff from my Supernovas tumblr which also is chock-full of supernovas goodness, if you want to check it out (probably won’t be posting there anymore.)

And if you haven’t read my comic (what are you waiting for?!) you can check it out here

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man... if you could send a message to your younger, stupider self... this bitch on the left doesn't know jack shit about life and what the next ten years are gonna bring her.

well, here we are... 2009 vs. 2019

you don't know the lengths I had to go to to find a picture of myself that old. (it's actually from 2010-11, I think. I don't keep old pictures of myself. I'm guesstimating bc of the apartment I lived in.) I had to remember what my high school email address was so I could log into my old photo bucket account (who knew that was still around?!) and hope there was an old pic of me in there. and there was. one.

When I think about the person I was ten years ago it’s like..... honestly I’m amazed I made it to 30 cause wow that person was. Something Else.

I feel like I kinda wanna do that 10yearslater thing that’s going around but then I’m like......... talk about a Pandora’s box..... yikes

I forgot to even mention the best part and that's that essentially all i'm doing is writing a Supernovas AU and changing the names

and I'm in such a different place now than I was when I last wrote. and I went and re-read some of my stuff while I think it's really good, definitely better than I thought at the time, I also feel like you can see what I was struggling with at the time.

it just feels like... it opens up all these possibilities, you know? I don't even know what my writing would be these days. I've changed a lot. I guess, idk, it feels good to love something again that I had grown to hate.

this creative writing class is kicking my BUTT tbh but also I'm really enjoying it. It's intense, I have like 7 assignments every week, and they're not like little ones either, they're multi-part writings that are pages long. it's been at least four years since I've written anything seriously, aside from outlining stuff for my comic.

anyway. I'm just remembering how much I really do like writing and how good I am at it. which was kind of my intent in taking the class, to force myself into it.

Hey y’all, I decided to move my art on over to Instagram since y’know that other site is finally kicking the bucket. So if you’re interested in following my art without any of the occasional personal whinging you’ll find here, you can slide on over and check it out! All my art will still be here too of course, along with the boring additions of my personal life. :3

The pilot chapter redraw is a success! I like how this page turned out and I think I can definitely improve on the whole chapter... still undecided if I want to try and do the whole thing tho. It’s a lot of pages and I want to focus on the new stuff.

thanks everyone for enabling me in my quest to make all the cheesy and horrendously ooc scenes that I fantasize actually worth something

on a scale of 1 to 10 how lame is it of me to write out scenes that are never gonna make it into my comic to turn in to my creative writing class

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