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Friendly reminder that I have an art Instagram if you’re interested in following my art but don’t wanna hear me whining about my personal life. I post wips and videos in my story sometimes too :)

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Hey guys! If you're enjoying my art and would like to show some support for what I do, please consider checking out my Ko-fi page!

Unrelated note - aw, I missed non-binary day 😞 but the #/iamnonbinary tag is giving me life 👏

I’m gonna do some more of those YCH pin-up commissions I did last year, I’ll be making a post about that sometime today! I’ll have more poses to choose from this time too 😌✌️

I was going to reopen commissions at the end of the month but I’m thinking I might actually do it this weekend. I really want to do something for the relief efforts in Australia right now, so I’m planning on donating the profits of my first batch. I’m going to be making commissions and personal art (my comic) a priority this year since I’m out of school (might also reopen my Patreon page, too, if people are interested in that.) anyway — be on the lookout for my commissions post sometime soon!✌️

A new I did for 3k+ follows on instagram! A purely self-indulgent drawing that combines all my favorite things: hair, stars, and Crowley 😅 it’s been a pretty big hit on tumblr and ig, to my surprise 🤭

personal, venting 

Cleaned up sketch from the other night. For as long as it’s been since I worked with pencils like this, I’m pleased with the result!

Bit of a sketch I worked up tonight to test out some new paper! It’s a hot mess!!! 😂 it’s been a long time since I really worked with pencils 😅

Iiiii waaannnnaa doooo personaaalll art sooo baaaad

First tho I gotta finish:
Seven-page comic for the zine
One last commission that I am stRugGLing to get to the end of
New dtiys for 3333 follows on insta
Holiday cards (I’d call them Christmas cards but I NEVER get them done before the end of the year lol)
My moms Christmas present before I go to her place for dinner tonight 😂

I don’t like Christmas sorry 

somewhat suggestive close ups of hands 

A compilation of Crowleys I’ve drawn since June! There have been a lot of them, lol! Anyway, I just thought it was interesting to see them all lined up together (and how much more consistency there is than I’d have expected.)

I didnt actually ever post the original here, so here’s the full image 😌

This was a sprucing up of a drawing I did a while back, which I actually don’t know if I posted to here or not. Just a little softer Crowley 😌

naked woman, lots of scars 

Taking a short break from inktober to catch up on life stuff and other art, but just wanted to drop a reminder that most of my inktober pieces from this year are for sale! You can see which ones are available on the highlight reel on my instagram:

10.13 and 10.15.. more Crowleys 🙃

I like the flowers one, it ended up being pretty sloppy but I find I’m enjoying doing that cell-shaded style more than some others.

10.12.19 - hair

Some luscious locks for aziraphale, for once.

If you guys are enjoying my art, I’m now selling some of this years inktober originals off on my instagram! They’re quite cheap, I just want to pass them on! Check it out:

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