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Hey guys! If you're enjoying my art and would like to show some support for what I do, please consider checking out my Ko-fi page!


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Commissions are open, friends!
🔸 Payment is upfront via Paypal only.
🔸 You can get in contact with me through DM or email at elleroonie@gmail.com if you're interested.
🔸 Commissions are open indefinitely. If I do not have an open slot at the time, I will be happy to reserve the next open one for you.

✅ can do: non-explicit NSFW/casual nudity, blood/gore/guro, humanoid/monster characters, OCs and fanart
❌ no can do: furry/anthro, bara, mecha/industrial design

someday i'll learn how to draw charr well but today isn't that day I see

Follower giveaway is over! and here are the two winners:

@vanhaase and @strawberry !

I will get in touch with the winners sometime later this weekend to take your requests. Congrats! and thanks everyone for playing! 😎

some recent dorothys 💕
the painted one is one of my favorite recent paintings, since lately I've really been focusing more on illustrations

wow thanks I got a lot of response to that last toot you guys are fabulous 👍

Hey, masto artists and comic enthusiasts... I'm interested in having a couple people go over the first chapter of my comic and give some concrit. what I'm mainly looking for feedback on is this:

🔸the layout and storyboarding, how it reads visually, do the panels and the dialogue flow well?

🔸it is coherent, does it make sense what's happening or is too vague? does it work as an introduction to the story, or do I need more exposition?

anyone maybe interested in taking a look?

- it's Ecsenty! I think she's really more of a main character, tbh, but she doesn't show up until waaay late in the story. she's one of my favorites. she doesn't know a damn thing about humans but she think's she's doing a good job of being one.

this is one of my favorite drawings even though it's really very terrible. I uh............ like drawing blood. the second two were joke responses to some comments I got on this over on tumblr...
warning: blood, gore, amputation

Another recent chibi commission from tumblr🌟

a I did for a friend over on tumblr of their roller derby troll! super fun!

thanks for 100+ followers already! the community here is so nice! here's a little giveaway to show my thanks ☆(・ω・*)b

🔸 follow me here @elliemars and
🔸 boost this post

that simple! I'll pick 2 winners let's say... next Friday, June 22nd, at 6pm CST. new followers are also welcome of course! good luck!💚

Wow, 100 followers already! Thanks you guys! I think I might do a little giveaway or something 😎

Hey guys! If you're enjoying my art and would like to show some support for what I do, please consider checking out my Ko-fi page!


started getting some coloring done today! I'm already about halfway done with laying down the flat colors for chapter one. my goal is still to begin posting this week!! but the first pages won't be until next friday. still! I'm ready for this impromptu six month hiatus to be over!! 😎

it's ! or... it was yesterday and I forgot to post again. well. Here's Maisie, Maisie is a "journalist" who writes almost exclusively trash stories about Rayleen and Nova. She's a menace.

from my On Humans 'verse, Runa Port Baker. Runa is the human relations officer aboard the embassy ship, along with Ved. just a super chill person. Ved has a habit of treating them like a pet. also, a generic design ref I made for my Nexi.