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Greetings! I'm ellejohara. I write and draw a webcomic called "Threads from the Blue Rock Tapestry". I also do vector illustration. When I'm not at the computer making art, then I'm probably tinkering with old computers or riding my bike. Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to check out my stuff elsewhere on the interwebs.

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Today is my comic's 20th birthday. I started Threads from the Blue Rock Tapestry on August 29, 1998. It lasted one page. Over the next two decades I would reboot the comic five times. Its current iteration has been going strong for 276 pages since 2014.

Gabrielle has been in the comic since the beginning. Aside from a brief goth period during the mid 2000s, Gabrielle has always been the red haired surfer girl who works at a bike shop.

Mermay may be long over, but it's never too late to respect the sea! And look at all that filth!
This one took soo long but it was fun :D

Speedpaint on PeerTube:

Mermay Mermaid Blobfish Ocean

Apollinaire Acier: Quintessential Scientist

I'm sure I could push this further, but I kind of like the way it looks right now. So I'm going to call this finished.

Some more merms. I have to get started like NOW if I want to complete in 2019. I only finished 4 this year!

While compiling a four image portfolio for self-promotion, I realized that I really like purple and green.

recent npcs for a narrative campaign with base dnd rules and homebrew mechanics.

they're married elven mages and leaders of my players' clan. zehira inherited the power and married maeli who she'd been dating for a while. maeli accepted and took co-leadership.

I don't draw mermaids often, but the posing is SUPER fun.

I've been rewatching Robotech while I draw my comic, and I took a break to make a quick sketch of my favorite couple from the series: Miriya and Max.

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