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Greetings! I'm ellejohara. I write and draw a webcomic called "Threads from the Blue Rock Tapestry". I also do vector illustration. When I'm not at the computer making art, then I'm probably tinkering with old computers or riding my bike. Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to check out my stuff elsewhere on the interwebs.

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A scribble (that took *way* too long to make) of my OC Callindra. [I'm still trying to figure out how to use value and color at the same time.]

Here she is moments before she acquires a pet tendriculos using a marble with a charm spell inside of it.

Another week has gone by and I didn't do a color palette painting. So instead, here's a painting I did of Queen Oona from .

Art glow-up of my OC, Zooey.

1995 β€’ Clear Tank Girl influence.
2000 β€’ A vector trace and color of an inked drawing.
2016 β€’ Two decades of vector art experience later, an updated Zooey.

Threads from the Blue Rock Tapestry is having a spring break this week.

Now is an excellent time to give it a read through from the top. Nearly 300 pages of story! Pour yourself a glass and enjoy.

I'm disappointed in myself. Due to poor time management on my part, I don't have a color palette painting ready for this week. So here's something I drew back in 2015 instead.

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