I made a thing tonight! :da_grin:

Had a hankerin' to do some embroiderin', so I looked up some designs for inspiration and made this little thing.

I used this image for reference: reddit.com/r/Embroidery/commen

So yeah, it was just for practice. Had fun! Tension was an issue with that gold thread, though… XD

@fiberarts #FibreArts #FiberArts #Embroidery #NeedleWork #Plants #MastoArt #Crafting

Is likely that in the future I Limit myself on Social medias to be those of Mastodon, Spacehey, my webpage and maybe some other and no more than that

Social medias has been horrible data draining begging content bs

"Mental fragmentation is being on the top of the cliff and deciding whether or not to jump

When you truly want to jump..."

Artwork process...

You have heard of MySpace Addict, now get ready for:

Spacehey Addict!

So I started to do blinkies for Spacehey and I found a new way of having some creative fun

Here some that I have done, planning tons of different variations, all ready to decorate your profile from Spacehey 💙💜🖤 would do commissions but I'm just not good with it

I can take requests tho (seems that it doesn't sound too "harsh" for me as commission does), then donate if you would like to ^-^

Exist "MySpace Addict" blinkies and Stamps to add but now is time for "Spacehey Addict" to become viral in your profiles!

I'm quite obsessed with them already, they look so awesome!!

Macabre Art content, can be triggering please watch with caution or move on TW: ED/SH 

"Lucinda I"
From the unfinished collection:
Lucinda, A Place for Unicorns

This artwork was made along with a personal model called Lucinda Belinda. Unfortunately seems I cannot finish the collection of 16 dark painting pieces due to the uncollaborating part of my model.

I prefer to work with models from Puerto Rico.

This artwork is painful, is exactly what it should be.

Orobas [Orbe]
Headshot of a Dæmon I connected with. He is the darkest(in a 'Goth sense') God I have came across with, super chill and gigantic. Three forms I received in the way of flash images when I got in contact:

1. Fully human, grayish green skintone (dark ambient nature)
2. Centaur form half human half horse
3. Fully black horse

I give special nicknames to the Gods


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