Glorfindel and the Balrog.

I'd be hard-pressed to find a visual that haunted me for the most of my creative life like this one did - when I first read The Silmarillion at 15 I always wanted to draw it, only lacked the skill to do it. Now, years upon years later, I can finally make it happen. Based on the description of the fall of Gondolin in The Book of Lost Tales - I wonder how many ppl read it? Have you, by chance? Or am I the only nerd around here?

This is great @eli_arts ! I also read this book as a teenager. A few months ago, I too felt the urge to refer to this book by composing a tune:

@merle ooooh that is awesome! thank you for showing me, I enjoyed listening to it! It's powerful isn't it, just how those stories can stick with a person for so many years. btw glad you like the art <3

@granfalloon thank you so much!! And yes, he was :D his works never cease to amaze me

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