Are any women musicians having advice for times of self doubt?

My partner thinks about stopping music because she had really bad experiences with fellow musicians especially men affecting dramatically her self confidence.

Advice & support would be appreciated :)

Thanks ! Boost !


Some musicians are a*holes, most bands breakup bc of someone's ego. It's always better to let those people go to not meddle in your life, if you can't (eg. your drummer gets on your nerves but there is no other available in your area) try to put up with it - yeah, that's a half-assed advice,but sometimes you just gotta pull through, believe in yourself and your skills;even if others (your bandmates can sometimes be total bitches) belittle you or don't give you enough credit,

you know you did your best and most importantly you know your worth. If they're decent they will come around, or you'll learn to filter the minor annoyances out. If not, it's time to look elsewhere. Also it will happen to you a lot that you know you're better than some average bro but that average bro is getting more opportunities, respect, whatever, but being bitter will accomplish nothing.

Just do your thing, do it to your best ability so you can be proud of it, and make that your core philosophy. Don't let some random assholes who are just passing through your life take your creativity and passion away. And on your way, you will always meet people - men and women and anybody else - who will just love what you do.

@LouMcField you're most welcome! I hope it was helpful at least in some way. being in a band or in any project heavily focused on cooperation can be really tough, but it can also be very rewarding. I hope your partner will overcome this situation and find the best solution :)

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