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I am now taking commissions! In case of interest, please check the images for more details. If you have any question or would like to have something drawn, don't hesitate to message me here or by email: kanna.Xfreak[at]
Thank you,

p.s.: boosting appreciated ❤️

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Welcome to my art page! I go by Eli and I draw, mostly in ink and on paper. Occasionally I type out a poem or a short story. Also I like and . And . Feel free to poke around and have a nice day ✨

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Something I saw on route 12 but couldn't take a pic since I was driving and no place to pull over. So I tried drawing it from memory. Small sections of the valley that the sun never touched had icicles forming.

In the past week I've heard a lot of those casual, queerphobic remarks that seem to be an essential part of every heterosexual conversation. It's not downright hateful, just a little comment about this and that that's supposed to be funny. Since I am a flaming, fucking queer, I didn't find it funny. I ignored it. An idea occured to me to design a Freddie Mercury print in that infamous getup which I just might put on a shirt&wear it out of spite. Cos why the hell not.

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--> In cooperation with the vegan natural cosmetics label STUDIO BOTANIC 🌱

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Took a week long break from but i figured it's better to continue even with a break than do nothing, right?? I already feel better doing the challenge on my own instead of stressing out to match the rules 100%. So here's number 21: angel

Not only I've been busy but I've also managed to fall ill =__= so I've spent entire weekend in bed sleeping/drinking unholy amount of tea. Luckily I'm free today and back to the training tomorrow if my sore throat allows be to breathe that is...

I applied for a job a while back and now they called me back and asked literally why someone as interesting as me (with an archaeology degree and martial arts teaching) is applying for an office job. I was like there's nothing interesting about being broke :''''') which I am right now. Lol.

Been too busy/tired to draw anything lately :'')

Inktober Is slipping from meeee fhhfhdgdgd

12: Ocean

Last year I visited the Canary Islands. Besides all the fun stuff I got to do there (like surfing), it also struck me how precious and how fragile the ocean environment is. There's a big initiative on the islands to preserve it and raises awareness that is palpable even to tourists. I just hope it's not too late.

I had this design in mind ever since, it's based of a photo my mom took of me surfing (ha!).

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Tho there's also ivy woven in there, because feelings are crazy like ancient maenads.

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