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I am now taking commissions! In case of interest, please check the images for more details. If you have any question or would like to have something drawn, don't hesitate to message me here or by email: kanna.Xfreak[at]
Thank you,

p.s.: boosting appreciated ❤️

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Welcome to my art page! I go by Eli and I draw, mostly in ink and on paper. Occasionally I type out a poem or a short story. Also I like and . And . Feel free to poke around and have a nice day ✨

Also got these two beauties - zamioculcas (the black variation) and ficus elastica. My room is slowly turning into a jungle, I don't understand how I lived so many years without a single green patch in my room.

Been to Pilsen today! Quite a nice town, with plenty of old structures and many going-ons. I went to a seafood and prosecco festival (I can't say no to a good shrimp :D) and got new plants from one of the nicest flower shops I know.

I've reached a milestone in my life I never thought I would. Just a year ago I had trouble getting out of bed, the past few years altogether were rough for my mental health and the only thing that kept me going were training sessions. Then I gritted my teeth and trained harder, and harder, and today I'm tying a black belt around my waist. There's 14 years of hard work behind this, as well as many martial arts unrelated dramatic events and after the longest time I'm actually proud of myself.

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I SHOULD BE DOING THE BIG PROJECT but I just got this idea I needed to get it out of my head. I'm starting to like it a lot. Yesterday I was thinking about like.. what I am & the best description that sprung to my mind was "headstrong bitch". So I'm creating this as a bit of a motivational thing, to my fellows who would describe themselves that way too. I feel like I'm not allowed to be angry & I need to let it out, I rather be a mentally stable bitch than a shattered likeable doll.

I found a new path last time I went for a walk and discovered this very lush and green patch of Earth. I love forests alright 🌳🌳🌳

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He's impossible. (Don't worry it's plain water in the cup I had for moment of distraction and he just sips :''D)

preview of a bigger thing for a friend. I've been working on it for ages now and I'm kinda ashamed of myself it's taking me so long :'''D but progress! between trainings and phyisical exhaustion it's nice to be creative again.

Kitty is from a new local cat cafe I visited yesterday!
Now that I got your attention, I've been neglecting it here lately I know, between training kids and myself I had just enough time to eat and rest. Now I have two odd weeks till an exam but the school year's over, so I definitely have a tad more time which I want to dedicate to arting again. Slowly, little by little. I can't wait till June is over x_x

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I wake up

I look down
along the curves
the hills and valleys
verdant meadows
of my body

all rounded

I rise

catches me
breaks me
into a
million pieces

my luck is gone

I've reached a new low
In despair, I would accept any pain that you might have in store for me
For just one time with you
In a place where you're alone with me

That time of the year again! Happy beltain and don't accidentally burn your house down while you're cleansing yourself of winter 🔥🌄

A work in progress! Finally got to inking a bit. I've been sketching a lot lately, just jotting down ideas, tbh sketching is my favorite part in the creative process bc it's all so free and fresh and open to change. Finished piece soon and more to follow ✏️🖌️

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Hey, could you help me a little? My scanner is damaged and I need a new one :/
Here's my shop:
And my tip jar:
Or you can just boost this toot!
Thanks a lot, and here's a unicorn because you're fabulous 💙

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Pixelfed will be a year old in a few days.

I'm a high school dropout that has never taken any CS or computer classes.

Web development is just a hobby of mine, I work in the auto industry.

I'm so proud of this project, I never would have imagined that I could make something like this.

Thank you for helping me realize credentialism isn't so important as you think. ❤️ :pixelfed:

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ME: Let's set this story in Durham even though there's no bg material in CLIP because obviously there isn't it's not even in Japan. Let's make some from old photos for the comic, it shouldn't be too bad...
Me, but 8 hours later: I'M NOT EVEN FINISHED WITH ONE SCENE WTF (I did get the lineart finished though)

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‪Wanted to post a better close up. The Irish Goddess, Morrígan, created entirely with watercolors. She is associated with the moon, shape shifting into crows, lakes/rivers, and being the Phantom Queen. 🍃🌿🌑‬

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