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I am now taking commissions! In case of interest, please check the images for more details. If you have any question or would like to have something drawn, don't hesitate to message me here or by email: kanna.Xfreak[at]
Thank you,

p.s.: boosting appreciated ❤️

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Welcome to my art page! I go by Eli and I draw, mostly in ink and on paper. Occasionally I type out a poem or a short story. Also I like and . And . Feel free to poke around and have a nice day ✨

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"There is nothing more beautiful nor more mysterious than the stars in the sky. And look at us, we are dancing amongst them." - James Glaisher, Aeronauts

This is an interesting image for me, my first attempt at a composite (blend of 2 different exposures). The Milky Way was a standard 25-second shot. The foreground was an ultra-long 10 minute exposure to get some details in the landscape. Shot in Tso Kar, Ladakh in September.

#photo #photography #astrophotography #stars #MilkyWay #nikon

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body hair talk (and a pic) 

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*aggretsuko voice* I don't wanna go to woooooork T--T

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I have just finished my sketchbook! So now I wanted to do this meme and noticed that I didn't draw too much earlier in the year.. But I'm quite happy with the overview. :3

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How to make friends quickly:

inform everyone who talks about the start of a new decade, that it actually doesn't start before Jan 1st 2021.

You're welcome!

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In the past I've felt a lot of pressure, guilt, and anxiety at the end of a year.

I just wanted to reach out and say to all of you:

You are enough.

Whether you had goals and accomplished them or simply survived this year, I am glad you're here.

You don't need to justify your existence to anyone.

Time is an artificial construct; the end of the year doesn't have to mean anything unless you want it to.

You're amazing, and you're here, and that's enough.


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Today I happened to be seated right next to kid who was absolutely enjoying the #StarWars #TheRiseOfSkywalker
It just made me realize the times when I was a kid and soaked in everything like a sponge.
I don't know if a late 20s me or other adults will ever relive that but I'm just happy that lots of little children will enjoy these films into the future.
They are meant for them.
Thats all that matters.
A galaxy to escape into.
A galaxy of hope.
A galaxy far far away
May The Force Be With You

After seeing ep9 Adam Driver's haunted look has been....haunting me ever since. And making me sad know.

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Observation: between Dec 24th and Jan 1st, every single day feels like a lazy Sunday.

Then it's suddenly January 2nd and reality hits real badly.

Where I come from we exchange gifts on Christmas Eve but one strange gift did appear today morning 🐾✨🐈

Yesterday I was forced to attend a Christmas party at work. I don't like these events, I'm a newbie at work so I knew next to nobody, and it was a theme party ("black and white") and everyone was like ooo I need a costume 🤦‍♀️ and I was so pissed at everything that I raided my closet from my edgy years for leather pants and a vampire coat and for the first time of my life did a corpse paint. It came out well! I had fun wearing it (my mom was less pleased of course but I could at least be myself)

Anybody on here has experience with ? while i love mastodon i kinda miss long posts/picture posts/fandom stuff like tumblr had (haven't been there since the censorship went into effect), so I'm looking into another platform. Before I invest myself into one i'd like to hear some thoughts on it.

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Ars longa, vita brevis,
occāsiō praeceps,
experīmentum perīculōsum,
iūdicium difficile.

Life is short, and art long,
opportunity fleeting,
experimentations perilous,
and judgment difficult.

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Something I saw on route 12 but couldn't take a pic since I was driving and no place to pull over. So I tried drawing it from memory. Small sections of the valley that the sun never touched had icicles forming.

In the past week I've heard a lot of those casual, queerphobic remarks that seem to be an essential part of every heterosexual conversation. It's not downright hateful, just a little comment about this and that that's supposed to be funny. Since I am a flaming, fucking queer, I didn't find it funny. I ignored it. An idea occured to me to design a Freddie Mercury print in that infamous getup which I just might put on a shirt&wear it out of spite. Cos why the hell not.

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--> In cooperation with the vegan natural cosmetics label STUDIO BOTANIC 🌱

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