I'll repost some art here at a slower pace, hoping to mingle some new stuff into it.
& I'll make a separate post about Heart of Gold later c: !

@eli so glad to see you guys! i hope u can have a fun time here!

@ok_cassin aw thank you ;ooo; you too!! it seems like a normal platform so far c:

@eli Wow these are so gorgeous, I love your strong use of shapes and bold contrast, your art is amazing!

@xib Aah thank you so much, i'm so flattered ;;

@eli @Viv I was like "Oh beautiful art! looks like Eli's" and suddenly everything made sense, haha!! Good to see you two here! :)

@skirtsan LOL that’d be cool if there was another me out there. Thank you 💛💛💛

@eli @Viv I love these they're so clean but still expressive 😍

@eli aw I love your pieces! the colors warm mah heart

@eli @Viv
Hi! I like your style a lot and I just devoured the whole webcomic and I'm very impressed and eager to see more

@Yulran @Viv Oh gosh thank you so much for reading and for your kind words! That means a lot <3

@med @Viv HI MED you've been here so long already omg

@eli @Viv LOL just like..... two weeks maybe?? i try to lurk at every corner of the internet 👀👀👀👀

@med @Viv nice!! and likewise, spread the good stuff everywhere

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