"For example, a 2013 study asked participants to rate the attractiveness of different recorded voice samples. When their own voice was secretly mixed in with these samples, participants gave significantly higher ratings to their voice when they did not recognise it as their own."


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Drawing from life (cropped so it's not to spicy for the internets)
Charcoal and pastel pencils, toned paper

Last weekend I rented a house, invited a bunch of musicians (from amateurs to professionals) and we composed 7 songs.

This one was my favorite: youtu.be/wj2Z5SspFY0


Me, watching this video:
- This is an amazing drawing!
- Wait, it get's better?!?
- Wow, this is fantastic!
- What, there's more?!?

How are people so good at things???

(And seems amazing too!)

is a challenge created by Cuckoo (instagram.com/truecuckoo/) where people post daily jams as a window into their music creation process, usually on Instagram.

The hashtag (instagram.com/explore/tags/jam) has thousands of amazing video snippets, all great inspiration for music makers. Really worth checking it out.

(I just wish I could make a playlist out of an Instagram hashtag, having the videos autoplaying...)

I decided to roll my stats in order to see how the new year would look like:

STR: 12
DEX: 7
CON: 10
INT: 8
WIS: 5
CHA: 4

Sigh, looks like in 2019 I'll be a stupid, uneducated, slow, hated fighter.

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Damn, c'est les nouveaux modèles de gyropodes ?

RT @TheGodDamnDM@twitter.com


Their Deity: ...

#dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dnd5e

🐦🔗: twitter.com/TheGodDamnDM/statu

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A first photo uploaded to this community. Let's see how, and if, Mastedon fits me...

#nature #photography #naturephotography #branch #seeds

“Usually the starting point is a melody. We write hundreds of little melodies, and the most attractive ones last in our minds. We go back to them and pick the ones that really stand out, then we start piecing together rhythms.”


In times of Big Data, how important can a single bit of information be?

I designed and built the impeachometer. It conveys just one bit of information, but a very important one. A single LED glows red if Trump is still president, and green if he's not.

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Ok, time for my !

My name is Andrzej, and I live in Spain.

I've been drawing seriously for almost 3 years now and am just reaching the point where I want to start sharing some of my work. I came here for the camaraderie, critique and encouragement. I also love just scrolling through random drawings by people - there's something really beautiful about it.

Here are my two latest drawings 😬😬😬

I don't know if this is a great idea, or a terrible one! Hopefully the components (raspberry pi zero, small amp) will survive the humidity inside the tupperware! 😆

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