Profile picture updated, with one of my most recent drawing

I've been drawing some Homestuck stuff recently, and forgot to post them here.

After 7 days without drawing, I decided to go back on simple lines, and pokemons are really nice for this.

Also learned and tried quickly some shading, it fun, should definitly work more with that.


Realized I haven't post here my Transistor drawing.

Really good game, the music and the ambiance is amazing

Xayah, my favorite character in League Of Legends (ref in second picture)

The eye still have some weird proportions BUT I'm proud, I'm really improving \o/

Quick drawing - exercise of gesture, was quite happy of the result

Hey there.

I'm Léonore, also known online as eleos. My main account (french posting mostly) is @eleos

As said in my bio I'm a beginner at this all drawing thing. It's mostly a small hobby I'm getting in, but I'm enjoying drawing and starts to be proud of my lines.

Everything is from reference, but I hope to start drawing from imagination / compose from multiple ref soon !


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