Profile picture updated, with one of my most recent drawing

Here's the result of yesterday's stream!!
I did AmalasRosa's Draw This In Your Style with her OC Tao, here is the link to the original drawing + rules of her DTIYS if u wanna do it too :)


And here's the link to yesterday's stream if u missed it and wanna watch my process! (I speak in french and play a video game for like 20 minutes, u can skip it n go to the drawing part of the live!)


And for the first time I've write the wrong date 🤦‍♀️

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I've been drawing some Homestuck stuff recently, and forgot to post them here.

An illustration for a story I'm working on involving several angels. #mastoart

Back to my masterplan to make my s.o. chubby_shark (:twitter:) draw my OC Kalvin more often: I made the character chubby! 👍
(He likes chubby characters.)

I'm chubby myself but none of my characters are!! So imo that's a necessary change anyway.

Also I changed his colorful fur-parts to look like the bi flag, because before they somewhat looked like them by accident and I liked that idea. Now I made if official. :D

Hidden for eye contact!

@ikafry 's mecha miku made me realise that Kosmas hasn't been in a mecha AU yet 🤔 had to fix that! lol

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