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Hello! I’m Hanna Schroy an illustrator, cartoonist and storyboard artist from North TX! I love video games and comics and good food ❤️❤️


Anyways, it’s late, I’m tired and idk maybe I’ll use this acct more for casual chatting than just art, we’ll see

@elefluff when I get to this headspace it’s best to remind myself to stop looking backward and keep moving forward, I will never stop growing and even if depression/anxiety makes it hard, I need to push forward but also still love myself etc my worth isn’t tied to my skill level and my skill level won’t disappear just bc it might take me longer to get myself out there/in the industry /shrugs a whole lot

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Also sorry I posted on here in a while!! I’m still using Twitter more, like s heathen T o T I’m @elefluff on there as well if you want slightly more consistent updates lmao

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hi all I’m binglin! I’m a NB (they/them) Chinese-American illustrator, cartoonist, and designer. I like to knit, cook, make fake furry fashion magazines, and I hope to pursue postsecondary teaching!

you can support me on patreon! >>

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it can be a little confusing here at first, so i hope this helps!

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Hey guys my bestie got her cc info stolen and could really use some help with repairing the damage. If y'all like , and cute little and such, check out her Etsy, please! She'll even have some little keychain paintings available soon! They're super cute! (she's not on Mastodon... yet)

trying to finish a short comic tonight, got 3 pages to value, 1 to line, all 4 to letter LOL this should be fun

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Oh wow so many new followers LOL welcome!! Thank you for your support 🙏🙏

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New page of Verse up on patreon #webcomic #comics

I am very happy with the colours used in these night scenes. Trying very hard to not use muted purples (my weakness)

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