i've spent 5,5h to produce this painting 🤪 but it's okay one day i will reach the anime backgrounds level of detail and realism

Oh btw this is made using a reference photo made my Mateusz Urbanowicz, google his youtube channel, he's amazing

omg this painting is really not that good...

@eldritchterror It doesn't need to be a masterpiece, and that's an unreasonable thing to aim for anyway :) It's practice, you probably learned something doing it that you'll utilise in your next painting, and from the comments and the boosts and faves, it's clear that people enjoy looking at it - so you've created something useful (as practice and learning) that's also doing what art should do, and engaging people :)

@eldritchterror as someone that has a go at painting here and there, I wish I could paint this well. It’s lovely.

@eldritchterror This is nice! I like the way you caught the bright sunshine one always gets on the beach.

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