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more aseprite stuff even tho i shoulda slept 6 hours ago. i've never done pixel art or animation before today so i'm p happy with these. will likely hate them in a few months time when i git gud tho

had to delete and reupload bc i misspelled adam's online name 😅

thank you @trashguts for introducing me to Aseprite! this is both my first ever pixel art + my first ever gif (so please excuse the poor quality). did my old D&D turtle monster character

Hey everyone, long time, no post! Some of the antagonists from my comic Wayward Heavens, they're called Ghosts, more on the image Liking on Artstation helps if you're on:

i never realise how picky i am with colours until it takes me 5 minutes to draw something, 20 minutes to colour it, and 5 hours tweaking it because the colours bother me

o man i haven't been on mastodon for a few days bc i've been busy with uni work but a lot of people helping me out with the shirt thing

a few hours of work just got wiped by a corrupted mdp file and i want to cry

a lot of industry folks here on mastodon so i may as well ask
i'm interested in getting into designing t shirts (example below), where would i start?

Drawing some bowser! I got too sleepy to finish. Maybe later.

@trashguts got me a core membership on DA so i fancied up my profile
go look at

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