Been back into animal crossing recently and I love my player character tbh. Everyone who's visited my town describes it as a dictatorship..

A friends birthday came up ages ago and, because of how bloody busy these past few months have been, I forgot I promised to do their D&D character. So! Bc I'm a forgetful idiot, I decided to do 2 images instead. Meet my friend's fighter halfling, Iramin.

# dnd5e

apologies, Mastodon, I've neglected to update in a while. here's some background practice from earlier though

tried and failed to do a livestream. o well, at least i got a desktop background out of it

is it weird to draw fanart of real people? idk but i love this man and not just bc we share an accent

is it considered passive aggressive to use the picture your university tutor drew of you without you knowing as a profile picture?

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