Long time no see.... and here I am again with a sketch of my baby Juna. I miss her so much, it’s still breaking my heart ❤️

A portrait by Timur Akhriev, a mans head that just looks like half under water or snow... just the face is visible and my study of it

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8 versions of the same face, blind contour. It’s fascinating how evolving this is...

I just read the advice to draw the same thing over and over again and not that I not knew this, but maybe it would be a good idea to actually do it! So here’s a pretty fast sketch of my bf sitting next to me playing Xbox

My partner always falls asleep when he is watching yt videos.... and I always take picture him.... so now I can draw a sleep compilation

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Exploring colour pencils Just trying out the pencils I have at home (there are a lot) and I really like this medium.

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