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Further progress on Mona Lisa. Don't be afraid to go dark in your early washes! Hahaha.

How Mona Lisa stands as of the end of the MIT Craft Fair this past Friday afternoon. Will continue working on her during this week's craft fairs.

Finally, Mr. Pitkin is manager of the Hellish Benares Theatre. Needless to say, he takes a dim view of Balcony Fred's menacing behavior.

Balcony Fred is a perv who peeps up the stairs to the balcony as ladies in swishy skirts go up. Biff is concerned that he's cast a baleful influence on him. The crouching posture is his position as he peeps up the balcony stairs.

Second new "In Hellish Benares" character: Biff, the usher at Hellish Benares Theatre. Middy (when still alive) thinks he's a trifle odd, as he's very young, but wears a more old-fashioned uniform than she does. Toward the end of the story, he crawls along on all fours.

Four new character designs for a new "Ling Master" story, "In Hellish Benares". First is Middy, who first appears as a ghost (or "haint", as the Ling Master refers to her). When she was alive, she worked at the Hellish Benares Theatre. I've modified Blaster Al's original story so that it comes full circle rather than just floating off into nowhere like the original. I definitely need practice drawing her hair.

My partner and I were at the SMFA Art Sale reception last night -- but since the sale started at 11 AM, we didn't see my framed piece (Cardinals Communing) on the wall, as someone had bought it a half-hour before we arrived! The sale, which benefits SMFA students and programs, continues through this Sunday (today and Sat. 11-7, Sunday 11-5) and I still have some of my shrinkwrapped pieces in the racks for browsing.

As an alumna of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston ("Museum School"), I'm offering for sale some pieces in their annual Art Sale, which benefits students and programs. Sale open to the public this Thurs--Sat 11AM-7PM, Sun 11AM-5PM, with a reception Thursday night 5:30-8 PM (I'll be there).

Sales on all art are 50%--100% donated to the Museum School. You can browse the offered pieces on the SMFA Art Sale Artist Directory, including my own at

Post 2 of 2: The next 3 color STUDY pages, in progress, just washes (clearly not finished!) Pages 007--9.

Back to work on the color STUDIES for Spirits & Seekers: Cagliostro in Courland. Putting down washes first. Post 1 of 2: Studies for pp 004--6.

Thanks to a few tips from Clip Studio chatters, I can now do animation -- including using scanned original art (what we used to call "traditional animation) in Clip Studio Paint! (Formerly known as Manga Studio.)

Here's _Cardinals Communing_ with watercolor over the scratchboard. This is this year's holiday card, and it's all printed and ready to sell at MICE this weekend. The card crop is a little narrower horizontally than the framed version, which I'm offering in the School of the (Boston) Museum of Fine Arts alumni Art Sale next month.

Scratchboard completed -- watercolor tomorrow. Not 100% happy, but I never am.

Working on this year’s holiday card, which I’ll also have in the SMFA benefit Art Sale. Still need to figure out the transition from the background to the figures. Once that’s done, I’ll go over it with watercolor — the female cardinal on the left, the male n the right.

Wandering about New York Comic Con all this weekend. Gotta run to see Roz Chast!

Off tomorrow for New York Comic Con! I don't have a table but will be wandering about. And wouldn't you know, 24 Hour Comic Book Day again falls during NYCC!

Opening tomorrow at noon to Cambridge Open Studios! In the meantime, last night I was at Cambridge Art Association with a page from "Laird MacGuffin's Treasury" from my comic of the same name.

Busy getting ready for Cambridge (MA) Open Studios -- but in the meantime, tonight I'll be at the reception for the COS Preview (a group show of COS participants -- I have a piece from my comic "Laird Macguffin's Treasury") at Cambridge Art Association. If you're in the Boston area, it's at 25 Lowell Street near Mount Auburn Hospital. Join me tonight, 6--8 PM!

If Hurricane Florence doesn’t suddenly decide to track north instead of west, I will be at *Table F5B* at Small Press Expo this weekend. It’s open to the public Saturday and Sunday at the Marriott North Bethesda, right near the White Flint station on the DC Metro. See you there, I hope!

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