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Where I come from they carry the children
to the shore line.
Our mothers blood so full of salt
the ocean knows us by
smell and touch.
And we walk into it with grasping hands
to baptise ourselves.
Yes of course we fear it, of
course it has held me in its depth
where I was home and lost
at the same time. But the mothers
carry us down to the shoreline
like a promise, a blessing
and a damnation. And we never
forget the taste of salt water.

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The fifth and last of the color studies I posted pencils of last week. This is the closest I usually come to fan art.

The color studies I posted pencils of last week (Baobab to follow -- Mastodon won't let me post a 5th image here).

Pencils for the color studies of a new series I'm painting for entering a science-fiction convention art show. Hoping that when I apply watercolor it'll give a better idea of what's going on, but for now these are just the compositions. (There's a fifth, which will be coming soon.)

My decade-old Mustek large-format scanner refused to work yesterday. Don't know if it was the heat, as it was OK this morning.

However, I think I should be prepared in case it's giving signs it's about to croak for good. Any recommendations? The current platen size is 11.75"x17", although the actual maximum scanning dimensions are more like 11.5"x16.75".

I just posted on my Tumblr my review of _Victorian Occultism and the Making of Modern Magic_ (2011) by Alison Butler:

I admit to not yet looking deeply into what I, as a small-volume online vendor, would have to do to conform to this standard of interstate sales tax collection.

So far only about half the states in the US have joined this agreement. The question is, do small online vendors still need to be concerned, or can we simply expect, once our own businesses follow these principles, that we'll be covered?

Thanks to a tax-lawyer friend, I have been made aware that the SCOTUS decision would only apply to states whose sales tax laws followed principles espoused by this group:

I was concerned that, even though South Dakota (the state bringing the suit) had passed laws making this only applicable to businesses that did thousands of dollars' worth of business in South Dakota, not all states that passed laws levying sales tax on out-of-state vendors would apply such limitations.

In late June, I posted here about the Supreme Court decision allowing states to collect sales taxes on online/mail order transactions even if the seller was not in the state levying the sales tax.

Fortunately, I'm already licensed to collect sales tax in 6 states, and PayPal allows me to set up a table for the sales tax to add. However, will this force me to get sales tax licenses in the other 44 states -- even the states that currently have none, such as New Hampshire?

Rummaging in my studio closet last night, looking for old sketchbooks to reference in taking up the continuation of an old project, I found the ACME-compatible animation hole punch that my late friend Luisa Felix had sent me years ago. I'd forgotten I had it.

Have you ever heard of spec work?
Dear creators, don't do it. You and your works are too precious for that.

Read all about spec work here:

My colleague Aya Rothwell, who has a Master's degree in conservation biology, has a little comic about Lyme disease, deer ticks, and how to remove the latter:

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