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I can definitely recommend Finder, which I've been following for years, and Donna has finally persuaded me I really should look into The Wicked + The Divine!

My big regret, regarding yesterday’s Watch City Steampunk Festival (Waltham, MA), is that I missed a talk at the Waltham Public Library called “Contraptions: Bizarre Victorian Inventions.” It would have been interesting to see if they knew about the “New Motor” built by spiritualist John Murray Spear at High Rock in Lynn. Kyrianne Lorenz is illustrating an 8-page comics story about Spear’s New Motor (mis)adventure, for which I wrote the script.

While penciling the color STUDIES for early pages of _Spirits & Seekers: Cagliostro in Courland_, I've had occasion to break out my copy of David Chelsea's _Perspective! For Comic Book Artists_. And I see I missed a couple of sequels he came out with subsequently...

For those seeking visual reference for historical costume, good online sources (primarily but not solely Western) are the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston ([0) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute (

Got some work done today on the pencils for Spirits & Seekers color sketches, AND thumbnails for one of the new Ling Master stories.

All set up for Somerville Public Library Comix Con. Show officially opens at 11 AM but if you show up earlier they won’t shoo you away, and neither will I. It will help you kill time before Somerville Open Studios starts at noon.

Dang, I'd forgotten that this event I'm at for Free Comic Book Day, at the Somerville Public Library in Somerville, MA, coincides with Somerville Open Studios. Here's hoping that SPL had the sense to cross-promote through SOS!

Penciling for the color sketches (essentially color thumbnails) for Spirits & Seekers has meant reorganizing my reference image files so the things I'll need are on top. Why, o why, did I set a story in the Rococo era?

If you're in the Boston area tomorrow -- and especially if you have or know kids who are, too -- come see me in Jamaica Plain! bostonkidscomicsfest.wordpress

It's official: I'll once again be opening my studio for Cambridge Open Studios, which this year are 29-30 September.

What I guess I meant was: Anyone know where I can get a second-hand hole punch for paper?

Anyone know where I can get a second-hand ACME hole punch for animation paper?

Now that I've applied for MICE, I'm pretty much committed to finishing the Ling Cycle.


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