I got a last-minute panel space in this weekend's Arisia (Science Fiction Convention)'s Art Show!

@ChrisTalleras Illustration by definition tells (or helps tell) a story. What is the story being told? That’s a question I try to answer even if it’s commissioned work — heck, even if it’s commercial illustration. One of my repeat clients is a law firm, and I not only try to convey the information the piece is supposed to convey, but set a tone. Worried? Funny? I bring some of my skills as an editorial cartoonist along.

@lapis @KBY30 To be fair, I was taught English by a mother born in the Youngstown area, who used to brag that people in Ohio where the only ones in the vountry that had no accent. I kid you not.

Real social structures have some cost to discoverability, with increasing layers of cost/friction for each additional attempt to uncover more information. This friction is beneficial—it dramatically cuts down on casual busybodies, griefers, and nosepokery.

But online spaces are built by techno-utopians who think there's no such thing as too much of a good thing and continually push their platforms to uncanny levels of compulsory discoverability. All the negative consequences be damned.

@deidara There’s an entire genre of Victorian- and Edwardian-era Christmas ghost stories.

@lapis @KBY30 I grew up in Pennsylvania, and was taught it was pronounced the same as “boy”.

@ChrisTalleras I can understand him not trademarking it right off the bat, as it's not cheap and he likely had no idea it would get this big. Had he done this after 1-2 years, it would've still caused drama and potentially killed the event.

There's no good decision in this situation. Either he loses his ability to stop corporations from taking advantage of Inktober, or artists lose their ability to sell Inktober books/merch. He can't have both, but he's trying to make it out like he can.

My apologies to my friends, patrons, and colleagues whose holiday cards arrive late. Some of them — including all the ones to my business associates in Latvia — I didn’t even post until yesterday, so it’s questionable whether they’ll reach their destinations before the end of the calendar year.

Harvard's former Holyoke Center is now Smith Campus Center, fully remodeled from the old layout. A bunch of other Cambridge artists and I will be vending there at the Pop-Up Holiday Market, starting tomorrow -- I'll only be there through Saturday. cambridgema.gov/arts/Calendar/

What does it mean when a user has 5 "follows", but when you click it it says they aren't following anyone yet?

Thursday through Sunday is the School of the Museum of Fine Arts annual benefit Art Sale. I'm offering a piece in the sale, the art for my 2019 holiday card. smfa.tufts.edu/events-exhibiti

Folks, am I right to be suspicious of follow requests from folks who don't have any toots of their own? Or am I just being paranoid?

I've never done Inktober, but I thought I'd close out the month with a gouache-on-black-paper drawing inspired by the music-hall song about Ann Boleyn. youtube.com/watch?v=-eX-K_CHd0

@welshpixie I have the answer to everything you do whether you have a question or not.

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