Just marked two of my least fav paintings as "not for sale". Will go over those two with markers and ink and have some FUN! *evil laughter*

You know what? I did it! I was so excited that I finally decided to go over some of my paintings I didn't like any more with markers I couldn't wait, so I went in! And now I LOOOOOVE them! I love them so much, I have to show you a sneek peek immediately!
Thoughts are very welcome! ❤️

Also: I need more markers.
That was a predictable development.

Okay! Markers are on their way! I needed to buy a good red one for weeks now, and brown and piglet pink and ochre. Now that I found acrylic markers that actually *work*, I love working with them!

But you know what's the most annoying thing about working with acrylic markers? Even the good ones work best when they are used on a horizontal surface. Which makes it nearly impossible for me to film my process. Shame...


@TQ I used to have a copy stand, on which I mounted my camera pointing down. I just used it to make slides of my work, though. This was a LOOOOONG time ago when galleries only accepted slides (that is, physical slides on positive film with those white cardboard frames) for submissions. I sold the copy stand some years ago.

@ejbarnescomix Ah, right, I could do that... But I'm usually, eh, climbing on top of my paintings or leaning very heavily over them... Hm. But will give it some more thought!

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