If you didn’t catch the Cambridge Artists Open Studios panel I was on when it was live on Zoom last Saturday, you can now watch it on the Cambridge Community TV website: cctvcambridge.org/node/747030

Want an in-person guided tour of the juried show of political art that I'm in, Speak Up! at Piano Craft Gallery in Boston? Register on EventBrite for a time slot this Saturday, 21 November, between 1 and 5 PM. eventbrite.com/e/speak-up-exhi

The gallery is only open F.--Sun., and the show comes down on 11/29.

Later tomorrow evening, starting at 6:30, I'll be attending the virtual reception for Speak Up!, the exhibit of political art at Piano Craft Gallery in Boston that I've got a piece in. Register at speakupopening.eventbrite.com/

Tomorrow at 3 PM I'll be on the first of a series of panel discussions involving artists who are participating in this year's online Cambridge Artists Open Studios. Register at bit.ly/2IubXhl

As one of the included artists, I'll be attending the virtual Opening Reception for Speak Up!, the juried show of political art at Piano Craft Gallery in Boston. We'll be on Zoom on Saturday, 14 November starting at 6:30p. RSVP on EventBrite: speakupopening.eventbrite.com

My 2020 political cartoon, "The Thin Blue Line," is now showing in the juried group exhbit "Speak UP!" at Piano Craft Gallery, 793 Tremont St., Boston. The show is up through 29 November. You must sign up for a time slot to attend tonight's reception (masks required, no refreshments). Regular gallery hours are Fridays 6--8, Saturdays and Sundays Noon--5. pianocraftgallery.com/speak-up eventbrite.com/e/speak-up-2020

Remember my Ling Master comics? Well, who would like to join me on Zoom this Hallowe'en night for a FREE reading of Blaster's "The Halloween God"? eventbrite.com/e/blaster-al-ac

I’m one of eight Boston-area cartoonists who have work in this biographical online exhibit put on by the Massachusetts Historical society. Don’t forget to click on all the links so you can see more information on the artists, as well as Nast’s life and art. masshist.org/features/thomasna

I've got a political cartoon in the "Contemporary Connection" section of "Who Counts? A Look at Voter Rights through Political Cartoons", an online exhibition of the Massachusetts Historical Society. masshist.org/features/whocount

This cartoon of mine (gag by Columbine Phoenix [sunspotdesigns.com/]) was published (in black and white) in this month's Funny Times.

Drowned Town Press now has an online store at itch.io. It includes not only all the current DTP publication list (except the Ling Master books, which are soon to come), but a number of comics that have gone out of print. See drownedtownpress.itch.io/ for the full library of PDFs. .io

Camberville peeps! This Thursday’s Cambridge Chronicle contains a recently-drawn, COVID-related editorial cartoon I illustrated, with gag by Roslindale-based Kenneth Hjulstrom.

The Chronicle is a broadhseet-sized weekly newspaper available for free at a number of outlets all over Cambridge, including supermarkets, drugstores, and convenience stores. A few sandwich shops as well, under normal circumstances, although they might only be open for takeout/delivery.

I neglected to post the link to this interview a few weeks back. My colleague from NYC, Michele Witchipoo, was visiting me during MICE 2019 last October. So now I'm on the same recording with power hitters Diane Noomin and Jaime Hernandez. podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/

The last works that Wayne and I produced together – his scripts, my art. All three of these are framed and ready to hang. Get in touch with me at art@ejbarnes.com if you want any of them; 50% the proceeds will go to Wayne’s estate (which, with the funerary expenses out of the way, is most likely to be one of several charities including a family homeless shelter in Williamsport, PA).

This 1992 comic was written by the late Wayne R. Smith, penciled by me, and inked (after rearranging the panels) by Myke Maldonado, another member of our APA. Myke has the originals; these are photos of copies.

Though DuoShade was popular with illustrators in the early ‘90s, it died out before Zip-a-Tone did, because it ages faster. As I recall, I LOVED penciling that filthy bathroom.

Content warning: Toilet use, head injury, groin injury, inconvenient truths.

Email me at art@ejbarnes.com if you'd like it. Once I know you're interested, donate to the fund and I'll mail it off to you.

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Another collaboration between me and the late Wayne R. Smith, an unpublished one-pager. CW: Explicit robot sex, malfunctioning mechanical genitalia. Larger than the other pages I've posted, but as it's only ink and gouache with no Zip-a-Tone, I'm offering it for less than "Little Hitler" or "Bunnyman", but more than "More Heat Than Light." Donate $90 to Wayne's fund and it's yours postpaid. gofundme.com/f/wayne-r-smith-f

Another story on which I collaborated with the late writer Wayne R. Smith, who died in Williamsport, PA, 3/17/20. "More Heat Than Light" (1991) was published in 1992 in Issue #3 of Gauntlet: Exploring the Limits of Free Expression. CW: Gun violence, head injury, racism, sexism, arson, ad hominem/feminam language, and the late Sen. Jesse Helms being forcibly sodomized with a protest sign. Donate $75 and one of these originals can be yours. gofundme.com/f/wayne-r-smith-f R. Smith

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