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Rummaging in my studio closet last night, looking for old sketchbooks to reference in taking up the continuation of an old project, I found the ACME-compatible animation hole punch that my late friend Luisa Felix had sent me years ago. I'd forgotten I had it.

Have you ever heard of spec work?
Dear creators, don't do it. You and your works are too precious for that.

Read all about spec work here:

My colleague Aya Rothwell, who has a Master's degree in conservation biology, has a little comic about Lyme disease, deer ticks, and how to remove the latter: ayarothwell.com/comics/tick-mi

In his 34 years as a professional editorial cartoonist, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Rob Rogers has averaged 2 to 3 "killed" cartoons per year. Since the new editorial-page editor was installed in March 2018 by the Post-Gazette's new owners (who also own the Toledo Blade), he's had 19 cartoons pulled. cnn.com/videos/tv/2018/06/06/l

The bad news: I didn't get into New York Comic Con's Artists' Alley. I've requested to be put on the waiting list.

The good news: Via separate email, this same day, my request for a New York Comic Con Industry badge has been approved (and I just paid for my 4-day pro pass).

Thanks to feedback from my colleagues at the Boston Comics Roundtable, I've revised some of the color sketch/thumbnail pencils I've done for Page 006 of "Spirits & Seekers: Cagliostro in Courland". ejbarnes.tumblr.com/post/17430

Is the only thing I need to do include the hashtag in my text?

Johann Christoph Brotze (1742-1823) drew and painted a number of contemporary people and scenes in Riga and elsewhere in what is now Latvia. This will be important when I show the Latvian peasants in Spirits & Seekers. (English translation from Latvian kind of dodgy, but you get the drift.) dspace.lu.lv/dspace/bitstream/

While my early consciousness of political cartooning was framed by Herblock and Patrick Oliphant, I am heartened to see that Paul Szep, whose work I used to see in the Boston Globe, is still at it. szep.com/

Most importantly, stop putting institutional events on Facebook, stop using it at universities, stop making participation in Facebook mandatory through your institutional, organization, and activist roles. You can be online, and social, and connected without supporting Facebook.

I can definitely recommend Finder, which I've been following for years, and Donna has finally persuaded me I really should look into The Wicked + The Divine!

As a creator and fan of historical comics, I recommend this Ancient History Comic: thecommononline.org/the-misadv

My big regret, regarding yesterday’s Watch City Steampunk Festival (Waltham, MA), is that I missed a talk at the Waltham Public Library called “Contraptions: Bizarre Victorian Inventions.” It would have been interesting to see if they knew about the “New Motor” built by spiritualist John Murray Spear at High Rock in Lynn. Kyrianne Lorenz is illustrating an 8-page comics story about Spear’s New Motor (mis)adventure, for which I wrote the script.

While penciling the color STUDIES for early pages of _Spirits & Seekers: Cagliostro in Courland_, I've had occasion to break out my copy of David Chelsea's _Perspective! For Comic Book Artists_. And I see I missed a couple of sequels he came out with subsequently... barnesandnoble.com/w/perspecti

For those seeking visual reference for historical costume, good online sources (primarily but not solely Western) are the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (mfa.org/collections/search?f[0) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute (cdm16028.contentdm.oclc.org/cd).

Got some work done today on the pencils for Spirits & Seekers color sketches, AND thumbnails for one of the new Ling Master stories.