Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo starts tomorrow (Saturday) -- and I'll be premièring my 2019 winter-holiday card at the Boston Comics Roundtable table (Table D01-02) at Lesley U's. University hall.

This weekend, I'll be at the Boston Comics Roundtable's table (Table D-01/02 in Doucet Hall on the upper level of Lesley University's University Hall) at Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE) in Cambridge, MA.

Come join me later today in Cambridge, MA (between Central and Kendall Squares) for the reception for the small-group show “Off the Page” at LabCentral, 4–7 PM. (If you get there after 5 there will be a phone number on the door you can call to be let in.)

I'll be Location #55 for this weekend's Cambridge Arts Open Studios (CAOS) ( In addition to framed comics art on the walls, I'll have printed comics for sale. Plus I'll be painting these portraits of "Count" Cagliostro and his acolyte, Baroness Elisa von der Recke. (Both shown here with contemporary portraits.)

The sun actually set over the Deschutes River over a very flat-terrained island covered with pine trees and shrubbery.

I find it much easier to blend colors on the paper with watercolor, and even with colored pencil. Conté crayons are literally a blunt instrument.

I tried using the color Conté crayons to draw the sunset on the Deschutes River when we were visiting a friend in Bend, OR. She didn't know the name of the hill here (probably Something Butte, as even the conical formations are called Buttes in these parts).

The Conté set has only 12 colors, and if there's a way to blend them on the paper, I don't know how to do it. (Any suggestions? I just get a smear with the last color dominating.)

Not wanting to take my watercolor gear on vacation with me last month, I bought a toned-paper sketchbook and a set of color Conté crayons. Warning: If you decide to use these, wipe down your scanner platen after scanning, as (unless you use spray seal, which I don't) it's dusty as heck.

I don’t have my own table at FanExpo Boston this weekend, but at the Boston Comics Roundtable table (A1200), they’re selling the new BCR Playing Card Deck – and my art for <i>Le Roi de Coeur</i> (King of Hearts) is the King of Hearts. Go visit, say hi, and pick up a deck!

Here's an oldie of mine from 2005. I'm not much of a gardener, so it wasn't until someone pointed it out to me that I should have made the gardener's tan with white hands for gardening gloves.

Much on my mind lately, as I've now got gardening gloves (that fit my tiny hands!), and doing a lot more yard work than I did before I got them.

Plein air painting with New England Watercolor Society at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence on 5/18.

'Fishing Otter' linocut and silkscreen print by Angela Harding, contemporary artist based in the UK #womensart


One of the most frustrating aspects of having an art career is the fundamentally opposite pulls of making and publicizing one's work.

If you want to make your work the best it can be, you have to have enough humility to know you can always do better than what comes easily. If you think you're good enough now, you won't grow.

If you want to be able to pitch your work to others, you have to believe it's the best thing ever. If you don't believe your own hype, you won't convince anyone else.

I'll have a table tomorrow at Somerville Public Library Comix Con (FREE to the public 10 AM -- 4 PM) and moderating a panel discussion on the Boston area comics scene, 2:30 -- 3:30 PM. Hope you can make it!

Finished (finally) color STUDIES of Spirits & Seekers, pp8-9, and color study for page 10 with completed panels 1--3 and tone/lighting washes for panel 4.

It's taken too long, but here are finished color STUDIES for Spirits & Seekers, pp4--7. Of course, there will be changes between these and the final art.

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