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Ada enjoying the meadows 💐
Also, thank you for 100+ follows! ❤️

Are there any pixel art communities (ideally websites) left, aside from PixelJoint? I miss looking at WIP threads and such on Pixelation, giving/getting feedback, etc.

I know there's a fairly sizeable community on Twitter, but browsing/searching is a PITA, WIP threads are practically nonexistent, and Twitter is Twitter.

I'd just PixelJoint but it's so broken that it's barely usable.

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I, too, work a full time job, but I also do most of the cooking and a lot of the other housework. I ain't got nothing left for the paintbrush at the end of the day.

I wish our economic system placed more value on stay at home spouses. We talk about them dismissively, use "housewife" as a pejorative, but their work is so important.

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Did I memtion how bloody creepy Southern Germany can be in November? There's almost no post-work done on these.

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Any pro tips for working around accessability issues with jitsi? Asking for a blind friend.

They have a lot of unresolved bug reports about this. I'm thinking of setting up my own server and attempt to add those aria tags, but it will probably turn out to be much harder than that.

Like, he can't really tell if his microphone is on or off. Or webcam. Switching rooms turned out to be really awkward. Like really basic things.

#askfedi #jitsi #blind #accessibility #a11y

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Are there any games more recent than Binding of Isaac where the random abilities you find stack in interesting, sometimes overpowered ways like they do in that game? Different builds felt *very* different in that game, and I haven't found any newer games that scratch that itch. Slay the Spire's relics sometimes had a glimmer of that variety, but not enough.

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Tiny shorks are listed. (Slightly-less-tiny shork will get listed Thursday-ish after more eyes arrive so I can make more colors.)

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thinkin about ghost plants

Monotropa uniflora - it grows white and can grow in darkness cause its a PARASITE and it uses fungus in the soil as a host to receive nutrients because it does not do photosynthesis on its own

Mastodon could really use some extra options for filter durations. Can't block monthly event tags for the whole month, it's either 1 week max, or muting forever ;o;

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I'm so sorry I've been absent! I'm super busy and have been cutting down on social media in general. But if you're one of those people who likes my spicy comics:

My next Jenitales comic has been accepted and will launch soon! So if you want my first ever stand-alone erotic comic story (rather than a bunch of quickies) - Keep your eyes peeled for sum upcoming spanked peach 😳 🍑 👋

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haha sewing machine go brrrrr

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It's a secret I keep tucked inside my chest

With this heart of mine that's guilty not remorseful

There is love that doesn't have a place to rest

But it would have buried you if it had settled on your shoulder

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Orchids in Japanese Sumi-e brush stroke techique (watercolor). Orchids, so I've learned, symbolize spring. Painting like this felt precise, calm, almost meditative.

[Click to see the full pictures]

Random reminder that Game Programming Patterns is a fantastic (and free!) resource for anyone interested in game programming~

It's mainly relevant for those who want to write engines, but there's stuff in there useful to people using premade engines. Plus it never hurts to understand how your chosen game engine probably works!

80% of everything in my game engine that *isn't* an awful mess was probably based on what I learned from this book.

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Hmmm... Should probably post a few things I've done recently :v

Here's a non-uniform grid movement system for #gamedev purposes, but mostly to see if I could in Godot:

All movement can be done with a D-Pad, and its basically just moving from node-to-node, but nodes don't have to be grid aligned so you can make cool spiral stairs.

Gamedev, Godot question 

I'm helping a friend make a tactics game. In Godot, can I make a base "Unit" class that I can then instance with customized stats and such? I'll need to instance these units procedurally later.

In Game Maker this is quite easy as the whole engine is built around instancing, but I haven't wrapped my mind around how to approach this in Godot.

Also, does it really require a tree of 3 nodes just to have a sprite that can test for overlap with other sprites?

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As countrywide popular protests continue, the army of Nigeria announced cyber-warfare operation "Crocodile Smile", including to "identify, track and counter negative propaganda in the social media and across the cyberspace"

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Some stuff I had been doodling as of late. Hyendi-eniih can hide in their environment by pulling it over them like a blanket. It works well for stalking or ambush, but they also do this to catch a nap without anyone disturbing them sometimes.

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