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Even though we haven't been crunching on this game and the work's been divided up nicely, I still feel tired. I'm ready for a short break from gamedev ;o;

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Our game jam project is out \o/ This has been keeping me busy for a while.

A Game Boy survival game where you choose what you'll do each day as you try to survive a lasting darkness full of monsters.

Download the ROM, or play in your browser here:

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Think you'd enjoy set dressing The Garden Path? I'm currently looking for someone to help me do just that! 🌲 🌳

No coding or game development experience required. Looking for someone with an interest or an eye for natural environments, and moderate computer literacy.

Could be ideal for someone looking for their first game credit.

More info/how to apply

Boosts appreciated!

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Pacifica Vol. 1, Finding A Path is now live on Kickstarter! If fantasy comics are your thing check out this 32 page color comic.

Added the credits screen to the game I've been working on with some friends since July. We're so close to done!

I've been so busy with it I've kind of fallen off the Internet (again).

To clarify: This is about the search engine that's used by default if you type something other than a URL into the address bar or search bar, NOT what you have set as your home page.

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Shower thought: I wonder what sort of service other people have set as their default browser search engine.

Didn't have enough poll options for "other", so please feel free to vote by replying :D

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I now refined this concept from one week ago.
I even enlarged the canvas to see the complete Dragon :).

I think it worked out pretty well, what do you think?

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Today I feel like a here's a snail for you!
This one was sitting on some round mushrooms. It was very small, probably 2 cm, so I didn't see it at first. But I'm glad that I did, because it is a cute picture I think.

#photography #EyesOnNature #macro

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Zenigata you're doing an amazing job, sweetie💗

uhhhh -ish I guess bcs lupin is a disaster and apparently so is jigen

If you find some cool art via RedBubble, Etsy, TeeSpring, etc: Don't buy it! There's a very high chance it's stolen, and your money will NOT go to the artist.

Take a moment to check the artist's pages elsewhere and see that you're looking at one of their own listings, or if they have their stuff elsewhere.

If you can't find the artist via the shop page, then it's almost certainly stolen, please don't buy it, save your money for something else.

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Ig there's still SubscribeStar, and I've heard good things about Comradery too. But like if a site like OF had its bread and butter made with SWs STILL won't stand up for them... what site will??? :artsweats:

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Hi! I'm opening commissions again! [ 4 Slots ]

More info and examples here:

You can fill out the form or just message me here!

Boosts are appreciated~ Thank you! 💚

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An animation thing I created a while back. It's probably one of the most tedious things I've done.

CW: Light artistic nudity

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…I’m seeing people say “just don’t use an iPhone.” It’s not that simple when everyday things like financial apps with two-factor authentication are locked into the two main platforms.

We need legislation to ensure critical services use open standards so you can use your Pinephone to buy lunch in the future.

It’s shocking how easily some folks jump to “just go live in a cave.” No, that’s not an acceptable alternative. We deserve to partake in modern life without sacrificing our human rights…

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Y'know while I was away from Mastodon for a bit, I co-founded an Association that is trying to help comic creators. We're almost 400 members strong now - so if you're reading this and you're a fellow creator, you can read our Code of Conduct and Mission Statement below, then join us here:

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Are there any unofficial Wacom drivers for Windows 10?

The most recent Wacom drivers don't support my tablet (Intuos 3) and the one that does support it has decided it doesn't want to work at all anymore.

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As someone in my discord server said - “the best way to make politicians anti-facial recognition might be to use it on them”.

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Commission to photograph a colleague's garden in
You'll never guess her favourite colour. 😆

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