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Today's task: Design and start implementing a cutscene system for my game.

The engine has no scripting support and I don't plan to add it, so this should be interesting!

I'm going to stream some miscellany (level-building, maybe some pixel art, who knows) in about 15 minutes!

Do people still say time with "o'clock"? I don't think I've heard it in years.

Black Dram updated! I've been having an adventure listening to my GPU today, almost forgot to update!

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WITCHCRAFT pre-orders are now live! Comes in two versions and a variety of sizes. Organic cotton tees with a soft discharge print. At least that's the plan! :eyes_happy:

Thought I'd make a proper post for the magpie I drew for @Corvusrobotica with a WIP animation and everything.

I wish I had the energy to do art on a whim more often!

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nitpick I'm too lazy to report to the Proper Authorities™:
I like the "Show thread" link on thread replies, but to me, "Show thread" sounds like clicking it should *show* the thread right there. Instead, I think the text should be "View thread", which implies that it's a link to go somewhere else, which is what it does.

I remembered what fixed the sprite jitter - I turned camera smoothing off ):

Now that I'm dealing more with engine/physics quirks than actually making stuff, the fun of is really starting to wear off D: The hell's going on with those health bars? There's also awful movement jitter but it seems to have subsided for now...?

(Placeholder death animation for the player because I never drew one xP)

Game progress is super slow today because characters are attacking corpses despite me explicitly moving corpses off the attack-detection layers :V

And also progress bars aren't working with my textures.

Another Godot Engine question 

Something like 10 hours after starting, this is what I've got |D Still no gameplay logic, but the characters are animating and don't fall off the map.

Now it's time to sleep. Hopefully I can continue this tomorrow.

Dynamically typed language my arse :V

Easily fixed, but it's bed time and I was hoping to just multiply some booleans by some integers instead of doing conditionals.

This sure is a runner game! They all run right off the map.

I changed my scenes so that there's a base Actor scene that every other character inherits from, and in doing so deleted my Player anims, whoops. Shouldn't happen again.

Noooo I accidentally deleted all my animations because apparently inheritance doesn't work the way I think it does e_e

My Godot adventure continues! Switched to using a KinematicBody, added a constant rightward velocity.

I need to figure out how to clamp the character's position to the bounds of the level. Judging by people's questions online regarding setting camera limits based on a tilemap, Godot doesn't seem to have a concept of level bounds, so I guess I should enclose the level with invisible walls.

Bahahah. I guess I should use a rectangle collision shape instead of a capsule. I forgot that Godot uses A Proper Physics Engine™ when I picked that one. I'm used to everything being an axis-aligned rectangle for the purposes of environment collision because that's as far as my own programming skills go.

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