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Today's task: Design and start implementing a cutscene system for my game.

The engine has no scripting support and I don't plan to add it, so this should be interesting!

I'm going to stream some miscellany (level-building, maybe some pixel art, who knows) in about 15 minutes!

Do people still say time with "o'clock"? I don't think I've heard it in years.

Black Dram updated! I've been having an adventure listening to my GPU today, almost forgot to update!

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Does anyone on Masto art offers art work? Send me your links please!

It's not only for me but for the whole producers instance, having talented artists we can contact to get some art work would be amazing. 😊

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WITCHCRAFT pre-orders are now live! Comes in two versions and a variety of sizes. Organic cotton tees with a soft discharge print. At least that's the plan! :eyes_happy:

Thought I'd make a proper post for the magpie I drew for @Corvusrobotica with a WIP animation and everything.

I wish I had the energy to do art on a whim more often!

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nitpick I'm too lazy to report to the Proper Authorities™:
I like the "Show thread" link on thread replies, but to me, "Show thread" sounds like clicking it should *show* the thread right there. Instead, I think the text should be "View thread", which implies that it's a link to go somewhere else, which is what it does.

I remembered what fixed the sprite jitter - I turned camera smoothing off ):

Now that I'm dealing more with engine/physics quirks than actually making stuff, the fun of is really starting to wear off D: The hell's going on with those health bars? There's also awful movement jitter but it seems to have subsided for now...?

(Placeholder death animation for the player because I never drew one xP)

Game progress is super slow today because characters are attacking corpses despite me explicitly moving corpses off the attack-detection layers :V

And also progress bars aren't working with my textures.

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Something like 10 hours after starting, this is what I've got |D Still no gameplay logic, but the characters are animating and don't fall off the map.

Now it's time to sleep. Hopefully I can continue this tomorrow.

Dynamically typed language my arse :V

Easily fixed, but it's bed time and I was hoping to just multiply some booleans by some integers instead of doing conditionals.

This sure is a runner game! They all run right off the map.

I changed my scenes so that there's a base Actor scene that every other character inherits from, and in doing so deleted my Player anims, whoops. Shouldn't happen again.

Noooo I accidentally deleted all my animations because apparently inheritance doesn't work the way I think it does e_e

My Godot adventure continues! Switched to using a KinematicBody, added a constant rightward velocity.

I need to figure out how to clamp the character's position to the bounds of the level. Judging by people's questions online regarding setting camera limits based on a tilemap, Godot doesn't seem to have a concept of level bounds, so I guess I should enclose the level with invisible walls.

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