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@jendrawscomics I at least scan through the thing looking for the parts most likely to be questionable (e.g. content licensing). I don't register on anything with too broad a license, and if I must register on such a site, I make sure to minimize the content I give them.

I'm also the sort to actually read through ToS changes, and I am always reluctant to register on sites whose ToSes state that they can modify it without notifying anyone. There's never a good reason for such a clause.

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So hey I made functioning tiny guillotine necklaces.

Like the blade will actually drop if you hold it upright and let go.

Chop chop.

@chengeling Oh, I wasn't making a reference to any particular article, I was just trying to make a joke and Star Citizen was the first over-ambitious game to pop into my head :'D

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Finally did some more work on Vytvalen :D
Nothing pretty to show, but I
- added Lua scripting and a dialogue display system
- rewrote the camera to be swooshier and easier to customize.

The Lua stuff probably won't be very useful in Vytvalen because it has no dialogue and most of the cutscenes would probably work better drawn rather than scripted, I did that mostly with a future game in mind. I'll try scripting some of the cutscenes though, might work out~

@glitchyhare My fix assumes it's the same problem, but it's worth a try :D?

@glitchyhare It seems like Mastodon might have the same problem with gif -> video conversions as Twitter does - it makes the final frame really short.

You can get around this by duplicating the final frame and giving it a very short duration, so that it gets messed up instead of the real final frame, but without a noticeable impact on the animation. I recommend 0.02s, the shortest browsers can display, so that the original GIF displays that frame as quickly as possible in browsers.

@jendrawscomics I called my local printers and asked if they would print adult content, using pretty much those words.

IME the answer is usually "yes, we don't care what it is, we'll print it". I imagine if they have some limitations, they'll either list them or ask for more details on what you mean by adult content. For drawn smut, I'd answer "explicitly sexual drawings" or something like that, just so it's clear that it's 1. pornography, but 2. not photography.

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homework for a character design class applying another artist's style (Beksinski) to an existing character (Samus)

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@jendrawscomics That's what I did! (Minus the local printer - wasn't an option for me.)

Unfortunately a lot of the same stress is still there, you still need to figure out taxes, shipping, fulfillment, etc.

If you want a chill campaign mainly for existing readers, preorders are very nice. It was nice to do a preorder without feeling like I had to market the shit out of it. If you're hoping to get new people though, KS campaigns are just way more shareable, and that's their main benefit IMO.

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@extinct @jendrawscomics This! Arists who stream without a mic and manage to both get anything done and interact with chat are the real omnipotent beings.

@chengeling Because clearly what Star Citizen needed to be a more reasonable project was for it to be done by one beginner.

@jendrawscomics I'm not sure how much things changed between the US and EU after Brexit, or if it affected more than just US-UK VAT. FWIW the UK gov't's informational sites are a lot nicer than US ones though! (Probably helps that it's one government and not 50+ of them).

I think that between UK and EU comics are still zero-rated for VAT, but I haven't looked into US-UK and US-EU as of 2021 since I haven't done any sales this year.

@jendrawscomics It's definitely a confusing mess, and it's overwhelming when you're trying to do it when you're also trying to get your book finished up ;o; Fortunately there are a lot of resources like the Association of Comic Creators and such, people are happy to share their experiences and tips.

@jendrawscomics VAT depends on the country you're shipping from (if you have fulfillment from an EU country, you'll need to pay VAT there). If you're in the US and shipping from the US and aren't registered to pay VAT, you don't pay VAT, but your customers may need to pay VAT instead of you during the import process. IME most EU people ordering online from small-time creators expect this. A lot of the time, they end up paying nothing because the authorities don't bother with low-value imports.

@jendrawscomics It's not that bad, it was a few days of research for me. The annoying part was that I was doing all this business registration crap at the start of the COVID pandemic so getting any kind of human feedback was impossible. Worked out though!

I should also clarify, some states have pretty low minimums (in the hundreds), it's just most have them in the thousands. The lower minima are in lower-population states though, so you probably don't need to worry if you're not mega popular :>

@jendrawscomics If you're in the US, you'll need to figure out whether you need to pay sales tax within the US. In general any sales to your own state will be taxed (based on the counties' rates). Sales to other states are only taxed if your sales that year to that state are more than a few thousand dollars, IIRC the only exception was Kansas, which has no minimum.

For my book preorder I registered a business and all, but had no sales to my own state or Kansas so I had no sales tax to pay :>

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