@welshpixie "On the internet, no one knows you're a dog"

...until you accidentally give it away.

@welshpixie At first I thought this was related to your pug thread, and legitimately wondered if you were yourself a pug trying to avoid the pug fate befalling any more creatures.

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One thing Tumblr got right was not giving a shit about showing you follower counts on other blogs
Follower clout has no power there haha

@Glueblade Both! But I'd start by unfollowing, so it's easier to find the people you want to unfollow.

@jendrawscomics People are just so used to their info and time being monetized by Twitter, etc that they forget that not every organization pays their bills that way 😬

@ldurrant With a little more juice (less linear motion, mainly), this'll look fantastic!

@jendrawscomics An acquaintance who's talked to Webtoon staffers IRL said they really dislike page-based comics, so sometimes I wonder if some of those comments are staffers trying to "encourage" people to convert to webtoon format. But then I realise I'm being too optimistic, and it probably is just entitled kids who measure quality by image height and font size.

@radicalrobit Sounds like istheshipstillstuck.com should change to istheexcatatorguystillunpaid.com :T

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Of course, OF COURSE the fucking operator of that famous excavator trying to free the ever given is both a sub-contractor and still hasn't been paid for all of his fucking OT work yet.


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@raghukamath Oof, they don't make it easy, huh D:

I wonder how easy it would be to make the Krita localization data work with something like Weblate, so that people can contribute more easily. The git contribution cycle is a wall for many would-be localization contributors, since it's too much work to set up when people might just want to contribute a few strings.

@jendrawscomics "growing up" makes it sound like I just mean kids, but this includes adults too, those who started participating in online fandoms relatively recently. People who often discover content not by seeking it out, but by seeing it shared on their timeline. And yeah, that can feel invasive, even though it's not the author putting it there most of the time. But rather than thinking, "I should filter this stuff or ask the reposter to tag it", they get angry at the content itself.

@jendrawscomics My theory is that this Discourse™️ arose because a generation of fans is now growing up with algorithms curating their content and just doesn't realise that curating your own experience (including media) is a thing you not only can, but should do. So, they see controlling artists' output as the only way to control their personal media experience.
And yeah, making your own decisions and taking the time to filter content takes effort, but it's important to a healthy art ecosystem.

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But I'm doing more than just selling plotter art today!

To go along with my newest drawing, I'm releasing a series of non-non fungible tokens.

What's a non-non fungible token? It's hard to say!

These are gifs that you can buy. No idea what happens after that! No blockchain. I'll email you the gif. You can look at it, try to sell it, whatever you like.

All the fun of buying a gif with none of the NFT.


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One thing that takes up too much real estate in my mind is the time Anne Rice had beef with the founder of Popeyes Chicken, so she took out a full page in the newspaper to give one of his restaurants a scathing review from the point of view of the vampire Lestat.

@blua_floroj ...this may explain why I found the Inklings creepy and unappealing.

The doll's name is Chucky, by the way :D The film title "Child's Play" doesn't refer to the character.

@JasminGris Both of these posts are painfully relatable ;_; I'm not even in the middle of nowhere, but just far enough from everywhere that I can't do anything but sit at home.

I don't even remember what having IRL friends is like, it's been so long.

@jendrawscomics Oh, big same. I stick to smaller servers because of this, and that has been a good experience for the most part. But that was true on IRC too for me.

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