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South Africa and India proposed a thing to waive IP rights for COVID vaccinations, which is a good thing, will make them more accessible. Here's a map of who supports it and who doesn't. So basically all the poor countries support it and all the rich countries don't support it. -.-

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all these self-nominated award things are anathema to everyone who grew up in cultures not asking for praise and being taught to be humble

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Ada enjoying the meadows 💐
Also, thank you for 100+ follows! ❤️

@brandkopf To be fair, it was 3/4 ;D It was level 92 for 1/4, 96 for 1/2, and 98 for 3/4 of the exp.

...I hate that I still remember this.

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@impatientGodot What's a Big Bang/Mini Bang? I don't think I've heard these terms in the context of art before.

Are there any pixel art communities (ideally websites) left, aside from PixelJoint? I miss looking at WIP threads and such on Pixelation, giving/getting feedback, etc.

I know there's a fairly sizeable community on Twitter, but browsing/searching is a PITA, WIP threads are practically nonexistent, and Twitter is Twitter.

I'd just PixelJoint but it's so broken that it's barely usable.

@ldurrant I think that would be interesting to read about~ ...for me at least. I guess not for the people who just want pretty art.

@ldurrant Were there not functions you had to set up to call with callv() though? Or is it all built-in Godot stuff that you're calling? (I've not played with Godot very much myself.)

@ldurrant I'd love to read a post about the event system you've been working on! It's something I've been afraid to tackle myself.

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I, too, work a full time job, but I also do most of the cooking and a lot of the other housework. I ain't got nothing left for the paintbrush at the end of the day.

I wish our economic system placed more value on stay at home spouses. We talk about them dismissively, use "housewife" as a pejorative, but their work is so important.

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@Miredly Ah, I was thinking the bullshit is more focused on Apple's other products and policies now, rather than Macs. Hence the reasoning being the difference.

@lehlatte That's my kneejerk recommendation. I don't know how much of a Minecraft scene there is there since I don't play that game, but itch.io makes it pretty easy to share this kind of content, and looks a lot less shady than just uploading it to a file host.

@theremin D-did their programmers not know that reply-to is a thing...

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Did I memtion how bloody creepy Southern Germany can be in November? There's almost no post-work done on these.

@Miredly Have people ever *stopped* giving Apple fans endless shit? I feel like all that's changed is the reasoning.

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Any pro tips for working around accessability issues with jitsi? Asking for a blind friend.

They have a lot of unresolved bug reports about this. I'm thinking of setting up my own server and attempt to add those aria tags, but it will probably turn out to be much harder than that.

Like, he can't really tell if his microphone is on or off. Or webcam. Switching rooms turned out to be really awkward. Like really basic things.

#askfedi #jitsi #blind #accessibility #a11y

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@Glueblade I guess it's common enough knowledge that people forget to give it as a tip, even though it's not self-evident :'D When someone messes up is when someone tells them, it seems.

Also, pixel art sites usually don't have this issue because they have good scaling built in :'D

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