@sajan That should work :D My would-be-blobs (backgrounds) are usually too high contrast for this to work, unfortunately ;o;

...I hate doing colour for print so much.

@sajan If you just send your flat RGB or quickly converted CMYK files to a printer, then it doesn't much matter (but it probably won't be true black anyway, so your work will always look a little duller than it could).

If you're doing print prep in InDesign or Publisher though, e.g. to get some True Black, you might as well take extra care and generate K from your separate layers instead of a flat image.

@sajan I think it depends on how you set up your plates. If you create them from a flattened version and use True Black, then it doesn't matter whether your colours meet under the lines, but then slight misalignments can result in more blurriness.

If you create your CMY plates from the colour layers and your K plate from your line and text layers (as is often done by pros), then this issue comes into play, but when the colours meet under the lines, misalignments are much less prominent.

@sajan There's a PS plugin called Flatten Pro that will take your "finished" flats done this way (or by bucket-filling aliased lines) and expand the colours until they meet, but unfortunately it costs as much as CSP.

For print-ready flatting though, as long as you start your selections from the background/larger objects and select all the inner bits (a quick Lasso will do it usually) before you fill, you'll be fine :D Select, expand, lasso contained smaller bits, fill, deselect, repeat.

@sajan This is generally frowned upon also because the *colours* have gaps between them underneath the lines, which can show up in print as duller lines or as white when the lines are slightly offset from the colour plates.

I use a script to expand+fill+deselect just like this that I use for doing big spot blacks in inks, but unfortunately it's not ideal for flatting. For that, selections that take nearby flats into account are needed.

@ekvin When you're a spirit and practically invisible, who's going to stop you :D?

(This fox does not harm the birbs.)

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Not many rooms in Vytvalen need so many unique sprites, but I suspect every one of those that do is going to be hell.

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Some days, goes well. Other days, you try to put one (1) animation into your game and discover bugs in four separate places, only two of which are related to animations.

@jendrawscomics Nope, that spelling never was correct, the "a" in there is from Latin "paro", same as in "prepare".

@thiriumheart To actually answer your question, which I realised I haven't: I guess it just comes down to "have you shipped at least 1-2 projects of the scale you're seeking work in, in the job you're seeking to do?"

So, having shipped couple of small 2D games as an artist would mean you're experienced if you're trying to get hired for more of those, but not if you're trying to get hired as a programmer, or trying to get hired for 3D, or trying to get work with a larger developer.

@dirchansky Thank you! That stupid spinner animation has more frames than anything else so far ;o; I hope the other background humans will be simpler.

@thiriumheart "Experience" isn't a monolithic thing, so my answer varies with the context.

The experience a small indie is looking for is mainly that your deliverables are in an actually usable format and won't lag the game. In the absence of shipped games, a portfolio can show these things.

A larger developer will also want to see experience working in similar environments and with similar tools, so that you can get to work smoothly. A portfolio doesn't show this kind of experience.

@thiriumheart Thank you ;~; Here are a few recent-ish posts about it:


It's a small exploration game, with Metroidvania-like progression but no combat.

I haven't signed up as a developer on Steam yet, but I would like to have the game available there if I can :D

@thiriumheart Thanks! It's a personal project still in development. It feels nearly done because it's been fully playable for ages, but I still have a lot of art I need to do - lots of props (including all those humans), a few backgrounds, and all the cutscenes. I've been putting all of this work off for months :'D

A drawback to having my own Discord server is I post my WIPs there, feel like my social media quota is filled, and neglect to post anything anywhere that people can actually see it 8D

Finally starting to draw the humans of the village in Vytvalen. There aren't even that many but I'm dreading drawing and animating them.

@meagantrott So happy to see music and sound volume sliders! Played a bunch of games recently without them ;_;

The music staff sliders are a neat idea! Does the art correspond to music from the game?

Rather than (or in addition to) underlines, I think checks would be clearer indicators of which display mode is selected. Same for "Mute all", if that's a toggle.

@chengeling Same!

I'd imagine Naughty Dog still have the sculpts they generated the normal maps from and the TV team could do something with those, re-rigging them (or new derivatives of them) to suit whatever animating tools they use.

I'd also not be surprised if they rebuilt all the models from scratch using the originals as reference, since they'd probably want to tweak the designs for TV and the specific shots they want anyway.

@jendrawscomics Sadly, I'm a distant outlier ): But, people who read ToSes often kick up online fusses when things are particularly nasty, so at least the habitual non-readers can find out that way. Better late than never and all.

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