@dona Ah, I see. That would be cool. I've seen people put both versions in the toot with language labels (replies are an option for longer posts, and are a safer option that's less likely to get filtered by people's language filters).

@dona Such a thing is very pricey so only the huge for-profit services can afford it, but I remember suggesting a browser extension that adds a translate link to toots that just submits the text to Google Translate or something, since individual users have low enough volumes that they can get by with free services. That would only work for the web client though, since it'd need to be a browser extension. Apps can't implement it without violating the translation services' ToSes.

@ldurrant With some of the real title changes I've seen, I think you'd have to rename it to "The Poopy Path" or something to make it not quite believable xP

@ldurrant I fell for this ;_; I guess I just can't put any level of nonsense past gamedevs ;D

@devinprater Aye, they're ugly, and use up character space that's quite valuable on some social media platforms.

I think Markdown with a per-post "use Markdown" toggle would be the best solution. I'd be a lot more fond of Markdown if I could easily disable it when I want to make a post using the characters for other purposes.

@devinprater Yep, it's very annoying.

Also, I'm not fond of Markdown myself because it makes using asterisks and underscores for other purposes more annoying, but I do wish social media supported some kind of styling. We already have HTML and BBCode for exactly this sort of thing!

@devinprater The "pretty text crap" isn't meant to be pretty text, they're meant for use in mathematics, and that is also why text readers read them out by their titles and not as parts of words. These characters have a use and a place in Unicode, but I do wish people would stop using them to make their usernames and posts unreadable.

@Sacchan Some relevant trivia:

The term for the shriek is "bugle". If you look up "deer bugling", you'll find numerous clips of various species shrieking.

The word "rut" (mating time for deer and some other animals) comes from a Latin word meaning "roar", probably referencing bugling.

@RaeYcrep I'm definitely not a hardcore anything and I am not a linguist, but I find (basic) IPA very helpful because I can use it to see how things are pronounced without having to deep-dive into the orthography first. Irish is a good example, because I can't for the life of me remember which modifier letter does what (mb? mh? smh), so IPA's the only way I can get an idea of what the words sound like without resorting to audio.

@RaeYcrep Some language courses teach IPA and it's not hard to learn when focusing on the subset of it relevant to one language, but many choose not to because the language's spelling system is phonetic enough so they focus on that. I generally agree with that choice. The goal is that you don't need IPA or pronunciation respelling once you learn how the language's orthography works. Unfortunately, Irish orthography, though systematic, is challenging for learners.

Respelling IS pretty damn fun.

@RaeYcrep The IPA (the weirdass phonetics) reads exactly like what you described though.

What you're asking for is called pronunciation respelling, and it is often included in English dictionaries and Wikipe articles. It's a rather limited system when dealing with foreign words though, often requiring additional notes like yours and still missing important distinctions. Because of that, it's easier to use IPA, which is brief and standardized.

@welshpixie I wanted to find the Moon Moon of this game, and this is the best I've got xP

I also quite like Moonway.

Also, shoutouts to the numerous Moonlands out there.

@Sacchan Agreed! I kind of like it, because it replaces only short strokes with dots, so it's still surprisingly readable even though it looks weird. This would be a cool font to use in a fantasy setting where you want the writing to look alien/foreign but still readable.

@eris Yeeeeh that's pretty bad. I wonder if they're taking cues from scanlators, who sometimes do this and it looks fine. But scanlators have two luxuries fansubbers don't:
1. they're not limited to just text with simple transformations, so they can seamlessly replace the originals and avoid creating clutter
2. comics are read at one's own pace, so clutter does less damage, a reader can read the clutter and the main action. In anime, they need to parse everything in the time given to the shot.

@Miredly After my (very good!) friends and I graduated from school/uni, we stopped seeing each other because nobody could be bothered to make the *20 minute* drive to meet up. And that's *before* we all got jobs that ate up any mutually available free time.

So, that sounds realistic to me xP

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