@machi Glöm ej att kolla på nyheter innan du flyger.

Almost forgot to update my comic while trying to 100% a video game :'D Today's Black Dram has an almost happy Roy!


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@razcore The thumbnails lined up to make a wonderful monstrosity for me :D

I really like that sickly green and pink colouration on the claw hand, and the general volume of all of these. The lines on the leftmost painted sketch are also fantastic. tl;dr: Lots to love about these!

@InspectorCaracal Hopefully! If you have time right now, go add something to the list! It'd be a better use of your time than responding to me ;D

@InspectorCaracal Ah, options are the absolute worst for me, I'd spend all my time deciding instead of doing! I don't have much of a problem with finding something to do, it's more that I struggle to convince myself that it's worth doing, even though it objectively is worthwhile.

Oof, that sucks D: Have you tried to-do lists with small/short-term goals? I use that for my deadline-less goals, like my game project. Crossing off finished items feels nice, and it's time-independent.

@InspectorCaracal Will do!

I find schedules very helpful though. Despite my Bullshit™ I still update my webcomic weekly, shower, eat, etc, and that's all down to giving myself schedules and deadlines for these things, making habits of them.

Trying to schedule more freeform activities like doodling or playing video games hasn't worked for me in the past, but maybe I just need to keep at it instead of giving up.

@InspectorCaracal I'd love to :'D Haven't had the opportunity.

A lot of that 15 years was Depression Lite that my parents didn't believe me about, and it got worse in the last few years.

It doesn't feel outside of my control yet. I've improved many things about my life over the past few years, I feel like I could improve this too, if I can just come up with a plan. I suspect the plan should be "just do things, it'll feel better once you actually do them" but executive dysfunction's a binch :'D

@JoKeR The problem with not caring about things and wanting to do stuff is there is nothing I like and want to do xP

@InspectorCaracal It started 15 years ago, I don't think it's going to go away on its own.

I miss caring about things and wanting to do stuff, how do I do that again? D:

@voidspiral I don't sign my stuff because I don't like to draw attention to myself as a person. This is counterproductive since I need a presence if I'm to make money with my art, but I just don't feel comfortable being more than a ghost whose social media accounts sometimes manifest new art.

(When I remember) I add my URL to prints and things I worry might get stolen, such as images that I post large online. I don't like doing this, but utility > my feelings in this case.

@Curator I remember when I first joined in 2017, the character limit was 1500, and was decreased at some point later. I know that was before your time as Curator, but do you happen to know why that happened? Did .ART switch hosts around then?

@jlbee There are two currently-existing ways to find such users' posts more easily:

A. Add the people who post infrequently to a list, and check that list periodically (or pin it as a column alongside Home).

B. Use the built-in Atom feed that exists for each user to get notified using your RSS/Atom reader of choice. For example, the one for you would be at mastodon.art/@jlbee.atom

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@hashRaygoza That seems right up Team Rocket's alley, and it would make sense for them to try to mess with farmers' livelihoods so that they'd be more eager to sell their land :>

@hashRaygoza Nondescript suits with ties, perhaps shirts+ties but no jackets for the lower-level grunts. Clipboards with appraisal forms and pre-written contracts. Company badges with the red "R" on them.
Of course, this is a Pokemon world, so they'd also have Pokeballs on their belts.

@ghostmoor Shh, if the art is also on your Twitter, then the toot is technically not wrong even if it's on Mastodon!

@hashRaygoza Boring but practical: Machop. Their use for heavy lifting and general handiwork is well-established in the series.
Chimchar (and particularly its evolutions) might also be good.
In an arid setting, Poliwhirl could prove useful, and its final evolution would probably be handy.

For a rural Team Rocket, perhaps a corporate farm trying to buy up all the land from independent farmers, via bad deals and intimidation?

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