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Drugs & Wires updated! (and yes, it updates Wednesdays for non-patrons now!)
#cyberpunk #webcomic

Get your sad police boy tears here :D Black Dram updated!

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14 days left to Altar of Pine's first birthday and still scooting along to that 2x weekly update goal!! ✨ 😱 ✨

Can we make it in time???


@sai Yey, glad to help with a problem!
Knockback should help a lot. It's pretty hard to balance though (e.g. you probably don't want the player to stun-lock enemies, but you also don't want the effect to be too short or to only happen on the first hit in a series), so I wish you luck ;_;

@Styxcolor I wasn't even having any active conversations with anyone but I'm sitting here with my movie on pause and not working because how can the world keep going if Discord is down 8D

@Styxcolor status.discordapp.com/
The Google Cloud service Discord uses is having some issues.

@Wolthera On Mastodon.ART at least, public replies *to one's own toots* do show up on the public timelines (or local, at least). Replies to *other* people don't show up.

@hyperlinkyourheart I think that would be a good idea. The stock image also feels a little ham-fisted, and if you work it into the body, you won't need it.

@vivaizix The about page doesn't mention anything about long threads, only long individual posts.

I also find CW threads annoying to read through, which is why I'm leaning towards unlisted replies. For live-tooting in particular, unlisted replies with the occasional public reply when there's a particularly juicy topic change seems like a good idea.

Mastodon etiquette question.

By default, replies to one's own public posts are also public. If one expects to make a long thread (more than 4 posts, e.g. live-tooting something, a long rant, etc), would it be best to make the replies unlisted, so that only the initial toot is on the public timelines?

@hyperlinkyourheart The mood whiplash is pretty intense, yeah D: Is there a way to separate them more?
Also, is the Dirt bit part of something else or is that it? Without context, it seems like it's just in there to be in there, since there's no link to the game or any art relating to it.

An interior for the house :D
I should probably animate it, but I need a break from staring at this thing.

@oly Aaaay <3 Thank you! I'm pretty sure this is the first image of Roy that's in colour.

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Drew some sad blackdram.com/ fan art for @eishiya because everything is better with woofs. X)

Another WIP of the hut interior! Had lots of distractions today, didn't finish ;-;
Fire and bed are untouched from the sketch, and I still need to add shelves and clutter.