@Reyaughi This, however, will fail if the reader needs to know the full meaning and implications right away. In that case, I think using the original term with a footnote explaining its meaning can help. Or, better yet, a glossary in the back that includes that word and any other words the reader isn't likely to know, so that the reader is only broken out of the flow of the story by their need to look the word up, rather than by a superscript number or asterisk.

@Reyaughi As a reader, I find it least obtrusive when the original term is used, even if I don't know it. Context should make the meaning clear enough. Even if the exact meaning isn't obvious from the first usage, it's probably going to be easy to see that it's an expletive and possibly a racist one, and the full meaning will reveal itself through further context. This is how we learn most bad words IRL, too :D

@Hiraelle Before I saw the context, I thought this was about software threads. Still accurate :'D

Those kitty thread holders are so cute <3 How much of the 15 hours did making them take up?

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Inktober warmup! I've been really bad at focusing on comic stuff lately, but I have been doing some extra traditional stuff instead, so woo!

@Canageek You can play six degrees of separation via citations now!

@AesAthena Getting the right charm set-up can help a LOT with some bosses! Sadly one of the most helpful charms is behind a boss I can't beat ;_;

Positioning is very important and easy to forget about in many of the boss fights, so if you find yourself struggling, consider if you can perhaps move differently before you write off your charm set-up.

Even though I left the game off on a bad note, talking about it is making me want to play again ;-;

@ItsEdSanti You should do it anyway! There's a lot more to storyboarding than making nice art, and it's a program for people with promise, not people who should already have a job with CN xP

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Can I interest you in some pictures of stalagmites and stalactites from inside Gouffre de Padirac?

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While I was out today, I thought this view of an alley, with the clock-tower of an old courthouse showing above, was really neat.

@Sori I'd also like to see something like that!

Funkwhale CAN be that if someone makes an instance for it or if you run your own, so maybe someone knows of an existing instance that's more Soundcloud-like.

I have a feeling I'm going to miss the hell out of Black Dram when it's done, that's not an experience I've had with a story before. But maybe it's just the inter-chapter excitement talking :'D

Two more weeks before the next chapter! ...in which I have to figure out what the hell's going on.

Black Dram updated with a chapter break image, one about revenants this time. It's weird to think that there are only a few of these left to do...


@renardroi Inconsistent enforcement is hella frustrating, yeah D: I'd be bitter too (and have been, over similar scenarios).

@renardroi Yikes D: I haven't been on any of those sites in ages, but 15 years ago, the problem seemed to be that there were too few mods for the number of users, and and possibly too much power in each mod (no "janitor" roles), leading to some weird politics as a result of dealing with too much and forming a mod in-group to get defensive of. Sounds like it might be similar now.

@arborwin I love the line style in the left sketch and your Okami drawing. So juicy <3

@renardroi The lack of coherence is usually a result of mods not having access to a clear list of policies and explanations, and making their own guesses at the reasons for the rules. They mean well, but the inconsistency ends up frustrating for users.

Unfortunately, if that's how they deal with feedback, then it's not likely they'll come up with a consistent policy bible any time soon ):

@AesAthena I think it's a game worth experiencing, even if you don't finish it. Get it on sale, perhaps? I paid $10 for it, definitely worth it!

I haven't finished it; I had to stop playing because I played it so much I messed up my hand, and because I've got mainly just bosses left to fight, with very little exploration left.

@AesAthena I love HK's world. The game has this wonderful sense of pleasant melancholy. Exploring it was really fun! I'm bad at platforming, but even the hard bits felt rewarding because of how great the setting is.

The bosses are cool and well-designed, but I often found myself wishing I could skip them because I just wanted to explore more of the world rather than fight them. The combat is good, but it's not what I like in these kinds of games, so the bosses definitely dampened my enjoyment.

I really need to stop neglecting my other , especially considering Sverdrak (left) is the most boring of them :|

@g Hell yeah it counts.

aftirvaje ym skere ym kejn kene min man min kene ej ody

(one can relearn to draw, but one can't come back to life)

No IPA because I'm lazy.

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