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Y'know while I was away from Mastodon for a bit, I co-founded an Association that is trying to help comic creators. We're almost 400 members strong now - so if you're reading this and you're a fellow creator, you can read our Code of Conduct and Mission Statement below, then join us here: discord.gg/sKDrf8Q

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@ldurrant The link you posted is the "edit" link, it's only accessible to you. Anyone else will get sent to the KS front page.

@TapiocaPearl I can understand not having a numpad (I had to go tenkeyless to leave space on my desk for a mouse), but no arrow keys?! How do they do anything? I didn't even know such keyboards existed.

@KingFismic Zipping through collision isn't a bug, it's a QoL feature for speedrunners.

@silverseams Haha~ I'm pretty touchy about where I'm advertised to, so unnecessary hustle seems very rude to me.

@silverseams What the...
well at least now I know that if I ever come across this company, I shouldn't buy anything from them. Yikes.

Are there any unofficial Wacom drivers for Windows 10?

The most recent Wacom drivers don't support my tablet (Intuos 3) and the one that does support it has decided it doesn't want to work at all anymore.

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As someone in my discord server said - “the best way to make politicians anti-facial recognition might be to use it on them”.

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Commission to photograph a colleague's garden in
You'll never guess her favourite colour. 😆

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Any time I encounter a roadblock or snag or fine print that only affects nsfw artists I think about all those annoying Tumblr posts about how "I should just draw porn so I can make easy money too"
Please point out on the map where the "easy" part is

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@jendrawscomics Or rather they're zero-rated, that's not the same thing. Got my terminology mixed up.

The only way to find this is to actually go to the VAT tables and see. And since it just has to be complicated, the zero-rating isn't universal. But for comics, you can generally assume it should be zero-rated.

Apparently this extends to ebooks of comics as well.

But then of course porn is still standard-rated. I didn't notice that my first time reading that page 😬

@jendrawscomics Printed books are VAT-exempt, and in all but a handful of states, you have to do thousands of dollars worth of business *in that state* before you have to pay sales tax, so for many Kickstarters, this stuff barely comes into play.

With VAT on non-exempt items, many KSes and shops pass the VAT onto the buyer, they have to pay it as part of the import fees.

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long time no see! but im pretty proud of this one so i wanted to share :>

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interesting thing i learned recently is apparently the cave paintings which have multiple overlapping figures and obscuring carved lines are actually supposed to be ancient animation, sort of like lenticular prints where a different image is seen based on the angle of light hitting it. you're supposed to view the paintings under a moving lantern to actually see the animated movement.


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If anybody is interested in buying a painting/ commissioning from me, plz lemme know because I have to move soon. 😬

@welshpixie My guess is some shifty marketing company made a social media bot that also includes Mastodon so now companies that buy what they think is a cheap social media marketing campaign (actually just shitty bots) are also getting Mastodon in the package.

@welshpixie What I'd like to know is where these business accounts are coming from. Who thinks it's actually a good use of company resources to make a Mastodon account/bot?

@dontoverthinklife It's worth noting that anyone using a Mastodon client that doesn't use the Open Graph info to show these cards will just see a plain link.
Most clients do show them though, and the ones that don't show them usually skip them for a good reason - the user disabled them, or it's a text-based client, things like that.

@dontoverthinklife Yep, that easy :D The reason you found no info on embedding is because Mastodon doesn't allow it. What it does allow is including links, and most clients present the Open Graph cards for those links. This is how most social media does it, not just Mastodon.

Open Graph is a protocol that many websites use to present a little info card about themselves. This card can include an embedded media player, and video/audio streaming sites like YouTube and Bandcamp make use of that.

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