@jendrawscomics Italics and bold are just separate fonts under the same name, so you can create them identically with the same process.

Like another respondent in this thread though, I personally just use my program's built-in faux bold and italics when I need it, as they do an adequate job for handlettering-style fonts where there aren't significant differences in form and stroke size between the various styles.

@jendrawscomics You can use those "make your own handwriting font" sites' output as a basis for a font like this, then bring it into FontForge or another font editor to add kerning and variants.

The font used in Mokepon was created this way: h0lyhandgrenade.co.uk/mokepon/

@jendrawscomics It's possible to make a font that automatically uses variant letters (in software that supports such advanced features, at least, some art programs do not). Using a font like that made from your hand-lettering could allow you to skip most of the tedium, and only hand-letter when you really need it to look unique, such as for big yelled words and sound effects.

@cosmonautvico Mangaka usually have a number of assistants helping them, and many rely on stock art and copypasting. They also frequently end up with health issues due to overwork, despite this.

Please be careful, and give yourself time to rest!

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and peeps: Do you have any tips/tricks/helpful tutorials for mixing and mastering? I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to that lol

EARN IT Act implications 

@jendrawscomics Actually, I might be mistaken about "earlier attempts at this same law", I might be thinking of this exact act :'D But they've tried similar crap before with SOPA and such.

EARN IT Act implications 

@jendrawscomics Earlier attempts at practically this same law got voted down, so there's some hope ;_; Call/email your congresspeople if you're able!

The EFF has a form to make emailing them easier: act.eff.org/action/stop-the-ea

Their example letter is focused on cybersecurity but you can change it to address the other issues with the act.

EARN IT Act implications 

@jendrawscomics I love (hate) just how dastardly these laws are. In trying to do one evil thing (make it easier for the government spy on citizens), they also accomplish at least three other evil things (destroy online LGBTQ+ spaces, destroy safe environments for sex workers, silence artists). All under the guise of "think of the children", to boot. That's hella impressive.

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Week One of the art fight: 'Menagerie'!
Fiamma1221s requested a sea turtle for their OC, Criostoir!🐢

@jendrawscomics I don't think there's a standard, I've seen 100 dpi PDFs and 400+ dpi print-ready PDFs.

I aim for around 200 dpi, seems enough for most screens. 300 is great pretty much everywhere, but makes for big files and is high-res enough to print, which may or may not be desirable.

For comics with more painterly, less sharp styles, lower resolutions are fine since they're soft already and need all the help they can get to make smaller files, as painterly styles don't compress well.

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@ashenwave In that case I'd guess Twitter keeps the embedded colour profile while Mastodon scraps it.

FWIW it looks good to me though :D As someone who hasn't seen what it *could* look like.

@ashenwave Art programs sometimes have their own colour profiling that web browsers do not replicate. Many sites also strip out metadata, including colour profiles.

Your art program might have proofing tools or colour management tools that would let you see the image as it would appear outside of the program or with a default colour profile.

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I shared all of chapter one on Bored Panda to see if I can get some new eyes on the comic. Check it out if you haven't read all of chapter one yet. boredpanda.com/i-make-a-fantas

@znnavigator For projects, I organize by project, and often by other project-specific things within that (e.g. comic pages go within chapter folders, design sketches go in a designs folder, doodles go into Misc).
For one-off art (which I don't really do anymore), by year, within a directory that's listed alongside project directories.

@basicbishoujo I don't think using one or only a few layers is necessarily making things *harder*, it's just a different approach. It's easier in many ways.

Most things that benefit from the flexibility of many layers can be worked out in the thumbnail and sketch phase anyway, so as long as you're willing to think ahead a little, you'll do away with most of the disadvantages :D

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@ldurrant This is a really interesting alternative to money! I saw your stream about it, but had no idea that this was the function.

I worry it might get annoying to have to unload your jar when you'd rather keep doing something that charges it, but limited inventories have the same issue, and those can still be good. I think as long as you balance the charge amount such that a typical excursion will fill the jar and the inventory with roughly the same speed, it won't get too annoying.

@Sybroz CW means "content warning". In this case, it refers to marking media as sensitive (there's a checkbox for that that shows up when you upload something), or using the CW feature, which lets you hide the content of your post behind a warning.

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