@benjancewicz Aye, I looked at your other posts and saw you credit the photographer more often than not. Thanks for that!

@benjancewicz At a glance, I thought this was a photo of a print that had been folded :'D

Do you have a source on this photo, or is it yours?

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Some more s done in ! These three were all pretty difficult color schemes. Characters are Auxlang (punsmythee.tumblr.com/), Darius, and Lafayette (these last two are from the Bottle World universe)

Anyone familiar with the RapidXML library, or just XML parsing in general? Show more

@rick_777 For fun, and also because I have an easier time wrapping my head around things I wrote. A lot of the "easy to use stuff" breaks my brain because it's structured in ways that don't match the dumb ways in which I think. This is especially the case with 2D rendering.

@rick_777 Alas, I have to use char buffers for reading in files because they're what the libraries I'm using expect (presumably for the performance reasons you mentioned).

Thanks for your help again!

@rick_777 That's what I'm doing now, null-terminating everything.

The bulk of the uses of these buffers require the buffer and a size rather than a null terminator due to being binary data that can contain zero-bytes in it. When I first wrote this code, ALL files were binary. It was only much later that I added some text data formats and added null termination for them, and at that time, it didn't occur to me that I could just null-terminate everything and not bother with the distinction.

@rick_777 Thinking more about it, I can probably null-terminate everything and it should still work, even for data that doesn't need to be null-terminated.

@rick_777 I already have such a wrapper function, but it needs to know which types of files need a null byte and which don't, and I forgot to tell it about the entirely new file type I added xP

I'm still building out the engine, so I'm bound to run into problems like this. Once everything's built, I can forget about it all.

@rick_777 That's a neat chart! For my needs though, even that chart points to RapidXML xP RapidXML lives up to its name, and I like using it. This has been the only problem I had with it, and it's down to my bad memory rather than any flaw of RapidXML's.

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New art! 💪

This took me ages and I am not 100% happy with it, but it's finished, which is a huge progress compared to having one zillion half made illustrations.

Markers on A4 rough paper.

@Curator Aaah thank you for bringing this to my attention <3

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@hashRaygoza But think of all the adjective domains! idiot.ic :D

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Still not a lot going on. I keep saying I’m stepping away from comics for a bit, but these next couple of months are the perfect opportunity to make some final tweaks to my writing to try and make Blanco sing, so I keep stepping back in!

Anyway, since I’ve been so writing/editing focused lately, the only things I’ve really been sharing visually are pages from my buffer for the next couple of months. So here is this week’s page! As always, you can read Blanco at blancocomic.com

About the shocking bit (no story spoilers, a "gameplay" spoiler to save you time) Show more

@ChrisTalleras Aaah, that does sound like a hassle. Sounds worth it only if you've got a bunch of free time you can spend playing.

(I have a similar, but probably slightly less inconvenient, set-up for my PS3, and barely touch it as a result.)

@AesAthena It's been a while since I played it, but I think you're close.

You could do more (partial) cycles to see all the cutscenes and get the "best" ending. If you decide to go for that, I recommend looking up a guide, as by that point there won't really be any significant spoilers left, and some of it is non-trivial. Until you reach the first big ending though, I recommend avoiding spoilers.

@ChrisTalleras Aaah. But if you set it up now, you won't have to later, right? Maybe get it prepped for tomorrow (or whenever you have time).

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