I procrastinated so hard on pencilling today that I almost forgot to post today's Black Dram update.


I made a font to use in my game, and since I was messing with fonts anyway, might as well stick button prompts in there too :D

After pixelling thousands of Hangul and CJK characters, 94 more is nothing.

@Lorsenal You're definitely getting better <3 Love the mix of hard shapes and subtle textured gradients.

May I make a minor critique?

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Artists, have you taken a long test for free? The testing committee is asking you to share your stories so that we can change the culture of testing in a positive way! Special thanks to @krismukai@twitter.com for the art! @dannyducker@twitter.com

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/animationguild/sta

Anyone around who is good at reading Hangul and willing to answer a few legibility and stylistic preference questions for me?

@Food This article is from 2016. Or are you saying it's similar again now?

@SeventhMagpie There's a reason Osaka-ben is often dubbed as a general Southern accent in anime ;D

You've got nothing to be embarrassed about! With some accents, you need practice with that specific accent to understand it well, and good knowledge of other accents isn't much of a help.

@SeventhMagpie Quite a few times, I've seen speakers of some of the less-General American-esque accents be subtitled in the news and in documentaries, because audiences elsewhere in the US aren't expected to understand them well.

@SeventhMagpie This is common! Even Americans don't always understand regional accents from distant places, and there are some accents accents that are hard to decipher for most non-locals, even in the same state. The South has some of the harder widespread accents to understand IMO.

This is partly due to the US very rarely featuring these accents in media. When they are included, a lot of the time they're very light.

@ikafry Officially it doesn't (they've clarified this in a post), but their algorithm sometimes counts them anyway and you have to appeal your post to get it reinstated.

Black Dram updated! One last smile from Roy for the road~

(Image TW: hanging-like imagery)


@david_a_webcomic I'm not sure because I've drawn a few rather strange things, but it might've been the sketch of Charmander with the Homer Simpson face. I had a legit reason for that one. If the reason contributes to weirdness, then the human dick with spider eyes, dragonfly wings, and crab legs, and a smile, for which there was no reason whatsoever.

This is what I got to thumbnail today \o/

I guess this means from now on, I have an extra day every week to pencil and/or ink, since I don't have to thumbnail anymore :D

A slightly belated bonus Black Dram update today because I got distracted thumbnailing the last pages of the final chapter and watching a fren play 999 :'D


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okay well if boosts mean people are down I'd love to do pride stuff. if you just want an icon with any non-ace/aro flag in the background I'll do em for $8, or if you want an ace/aro flag it'll only be $6 bc I'm out here to support my fellow aspecs :heart_sp_ace: :heart_sp_demi: :heart_sp_demiro: :heart_sp_pride:

if u need an example I'll make one tonight

Got commissioned by @AbeilleFemelle@twitter.com to draw their OCs Casey (left) and Eliot (eel boy, left) o:! When it rains, it pours I guess! Not that I'm complaining. These two were fun, I hope to read more about them soon.

@jolly Oh, the webcomic's public (it's a webcomic, afterall), the pages are just full of story spoilers xP

Thank you!

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