My friend is Kickstarting a printed version of her ! It's a full-colour fantasy story about a magic school, war, and the smiliest, toothiest wraith :>

Boosts welcome! I'd like to see this thing funded <3

Hey Fediverse, what's your preferred update pace for long-form ? (Long-form comics are ones with a continuous story from page to page; compare strips, where each one is usually a new scenario.)

Bonus question: Does a webcomic's update pace affect your desire and ability to leave comments or otherwise participate in its community? If so, in what way(s)?

Boosts welcome!

Three hours left to preorder a Black Dram book! This is the final reminder and now I'll finally shut up about it :D

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My Black Dram is FINISHED! The final page is up.

Final page:
First page:

The preorders for the hardcover printed version are open for a few more days!
And now you can read the entire comic before buying the book, if you'd like :]

My webcomic Black Dram updated!

And I've launched the preorder page for the Black Dram book! It's a classy 276-page hardcover containing the entire story. Preorder here:

Boosts appreciated!

This sad chapter of Black Dram is finally wrapping up! This chapter was poorly drawn for some inexplicable reason too, the art gets back to normal with the next one.

Black Dram updated with some sad puppy eyes.

I'm still sorting out the BD books! It's been a constant back-and-forth of "are these even possible" but so far it's leaning towards "yes" :D

Black Dram updated~ I feel like the SJ fiasco is finally behind me and I can just focus on getting some rest and then getting back to doing comics.

Black Dram updated \o/

The SJ Renewal was hot garbage, I am so glad I moved early. If you're on SJ and are considering moving now, DM me, maybe I can help somehow!

Black Dram updated! There's an important announcement below the page.

(tl;dr: BD is moving to another site, make sure you bookmark the domain name and not the Smack Jeeves address.)

In case any of y'all use Smack Jeeves 

They announced a major change to the site, but it's easy to miss the announcement:

They're removing the customization features that make SJ distinct from Tapas and LWT. If SJ's customizability (templates, extra pages, the ability to use Disqus) is important to you, back those things up now and consider switching to ComicFury or self-hosting! You've got until January.

My webcomic updated :D

I really like this panel, not so much for the art but for the feel of it.

Black Dram updated :D Come see the fruits of my suffering, because drawing skeletons is dfkgwsg.

My webcomic updated :D I think this might be the first sound effect in it? I don't often use those.

Black Dram updated :D this too early? I hope it's not, because I don't like evening reblogs :V

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